Abigail Simon and Jailbait: Why You Take the Plea


Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen-that’s jailbait -Andre Williams It’s all very well to stand on your innocence and refuse to take a plea deal if you know for a fact that you didn’t do the crime and/or are convinced that you can win at trial. Every year we hear of people who have steadfastly maintained their innocence … Read more

Fox News and Sexual Harassment: Charles Payne Suspended

Hughes Payne affair

Sexual harassment is wrong. Adultery is also wrong. But in the Hughes-Payne affair, we only know for sure that one of those things took place. This incident shows why it’s usually a good idea to keep your work life and your sex life separate. Because if things go sideways there are any number of ways … Read more

My Office Hours Are From Nine To Five – The Five Heartbeats

the five heartbeats

In the movie The Five Heartbeats there is a classic scene in which the singer Bird, disturbed by some irregularities with his royalty payment amount and frequency, confronts the cheerful record label owner (and gangster) Big Red at a party. Big Red calmly explains to Bird that Big Red prefers to handle business during his office … Read more

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 6: Expected Release Date

Resurrection Ertugrul, the Turkish historical epic television series is produced by Kemal Tekden and directed by Metin Günay. It tells the story of the Ottoman Empire’s rise from its humble beginnings to a powerful empire. The show first aired on December 10, 2014, and has been a major success in Turkey. After the immense success … Read more