Colony Season 4 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

Colony Season 4 has been long-awaited. Is it finally here? The Colony has been one of the most popular science fiction TV series. The show is set in the future, after an alien invasion of Earth has left the world in shambles. The story follows a family’s struggle as they try to survive in this new world while also trying to find out what happened to their missing son. After season 3, fans have been eagerly awaiting updates ever since. Learn everything latest update on the series Colony Season 4 here.


Colony Season 4 Release Date

The show’s final season aired in 2018 and left many unanswered questions. The show’s four seasons were a huge commercial success and gained a large fanbase. The entire audience enjoyed this exciting series of science fiction. Season 4 is now a hot topic. The audience would like to know if Colony has been renewed or if season 4 is still in production. This is where we find a major disappointment.

Unfortunately, Colony Season 4 will not be happening. The USA Network officially confirmed that the renewal series had been cancelled. Deadline reports that the first season of Colony received 2.2 million viewers. This is quite a large audience. However, the second and third seasons attract only 1.3 million viewers, significantly less than the previous one.

It is, therefore, most likely that it is the reason for termination. This causes the production team to terminate the program permanently. However, this is just a guess since USA Network has not made any official statements about the cancellation. However, we can’t predict when Colony season 4; another network may pick up the show. It is possible to do anything.

Colony Season 4 Plot

The Colony is the story of the Bowmans and their struggle against an alien invasion. (which is pursued by another terrible alien race). The patriarch Will Bowman joins Redhat to protect his family and locate Charlie, his younger son. Season 3 sees the couple’s separation and the reunification of the family with their child. The show’s creators have not revealed any plot twist at this time. The storyline for the fourth instalment is not yet known. This blog will be updated as soon as more information becomes available about the series.


Colony Season 4 Cast

USA Network had already cancelled the show, so we don’t have any information about the potential casts. Here is the complete checklist of all the original cast members that played a role in the first three previous seasons of Colony season 4.

  • Josh Holloway in the role of Will Bowman.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies in the part of Katie Bowman.
  • Peter Jacobson in the role of Alan Snyder.
  • Tory Kittles in the role of Broussard.
  • Isabella Crovetti in the role of Gracie Bowman.
  • Alex Nesutaaedter in the part of Bram Bowman.
  • Amanda Righetti in the role of Madeline.
  • Jacob Buster in the role of Charlie Bowman.
  • Ally Walker in the role of Helena.
  • Kathleen Rose Perkins in the part of Jennifer McMahon.
  • Erin Way in the role of Lindsey.
  • Cooper J. Friedman in the role of Hudson.
  • Christian Clemenson in the role of Dan Bennett.

Few other names were part of the series: Wayne Brady, Paul Guilfoyle, Bethany Joy Lenz, Charlie Bewley, John Hoogenakker, Toby Huss, and Carl Weathers. We may see these casts on-screen again if the producers decide to continue the series for renewal versions. Till that time, you can go back and watch the previous episodes.

Colony Season 4 Trailer

Colony Season 4 trailer not available. The series has been cancelled, and the last season 3 stopped airing in 2018. You can stream Colony, Prime Videos, and Apple Tv if you missed it or wish to rewatch all three seasons.


What Are The Possible Reasons For Cancelation?

As we know, Colony season 4 was cancelled by USA Network. This is because the show’s storyline may lose its focus due to the failure of its executive producer and cocreators to concentrate on the new series. The USA network announced in July 2018 the cancellation of “Colony” Season 4.

The story has a downside. The producers of Season 4 Colony are unable to afford the showdown. This is in addition to the cost of location shooting and special effects, which added to the overall budget. Another possibility is that, despite its strong critical support, the last two seasons attract a very less audience than season 1.

Colony Season 3 Quick Recap

Bowmans and Snyder managed to escape Los Angeles. They were far from the outer troops, and they enjoyed their beautiful mountain life until it was too late. Will and Katie tried their best to contact the resistance. Katie will try to be more involved and analyze the safety of the Resistance Camp. Their lives are put at greater risk when the Resistance camp is locked down. Both of them attempt to hide their secrets while being interrogated. The Bowman family is in danger trying to move towards their new home.

Will discovers a dangerous secret about the Seattle colony through the clues he receives. Katie helps a refugee, and when she suspects that something is wrong with her refugee casework. Broussard, Amy and Will go to an operation. Bram and the other three men devise a plan to kidnap the IGA officer. He will also make a sacrifice for his family and Katie and race to protect all refugees. Bram and Gracie make big decisions. In the midst of all the chaos and war, Snyder tries to manage a Colony. This Colony season 3 concluded in 2018.


Colony Season 4 Petition

USA Network announced the cancellation of season 4 several years ago, but you can still sign the “Bring Colony Back for Season 4” petition. It has over 40,000 signatures, and people sign it every day.


This article discusses the fate of the Colony after Season 3 left many viewers with more questions than answers. While the show has not been renewed for a fourth season, there is still a chance that it could be restored. In the meantime, watch the previous three seasons on Netflix to see performing your cast on the screen.