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This blog is a collaboration of seven writers, who hold each other in high esteem, to address social, political and other issues which resonate within the populations in which they feel most connected; race, age, socioeconomic and political status, personal experience and any other identifying factor that can join us, rather than divide us. The Janitor is an attorney in NYC and he and Godson worked together as organizers on the 2008 Obama Campaign. Godson, a published author, is a former Chief of Staff for a State Representative in Philadelphia. The Fed, as the name implies, is in the Federal Gov in Washington D.C. and works with law makers on the Hill. Shady Grady is a computer expert, critical thinker and accomplished blogger from Michigan. The Storyteller is a news producer in Jacksonville, Florida who originally hails from South Side Chicago. GrandCentral is a former Wall Street banker turned public interest advocate from New York. Old Guru is an attorney and former military officer in Washington D.C. who served our country in Iraq. These 7 writers share very similar views on many issues, however, all 7 have a different perspective. This blog will be a platform that will bring forth many new and fresh ideas and concepts that are extremely noteworthy. So let's begin...

The Urban Politico was formed by a couple of bloggers in April 2009 as a platform to discuss politics and current events from the perspective of the urban community. The blog has since grown to a staff of 7 writers, each of whom comes from a different walk of life and brings a different perspective to the daily commentary.  Today, The Urban Politico has hundreds of thousands of readers in all 50 states and in 187 countries around the world.

Godson is a published author and when he's not blogging he's serving the people of the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as the Chief of Staff for a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  He first met The Janitor on the campaign trail as the two worked full time on the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign in Philly.  The two have been talking politics ever since.  On The Urban Politico, you can count on Godson to spice things up during a debate with an unapologetically conscious perspective.  His blog persona could best be described as Huey Freeman.  Some of his representative blog posts include Unmasking the Prison Industrial Complex,The Trouble with the Vatican, Census 2010 or 1910?, and Exit Magic Johnson Enter Black Magic Johnson.

The Janitor is an Engineer from the Midwest who decided to go to Law School on the East Coast.  He currently practices Corporate Law in New York City and has a passion for the Constitution which he developed as a law student while working for a few Federal Judges.  He once wrote a court opinion for one of his Judges about a Constitutional issue of first impression that made the New York Times and the front page of the New York Law Journal; the case was appealed and his argument was upheld by the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.  On The Urban Politico, The Janitor provides a well needed legal opinion to the blog's discussions.  His blog persona could best be described as Morpheus.  Some of his representative blog posts include The Black Republican Series, Top 5 Reasons Why Health Care Reform Will Likely be Upheld by the SCOTUS, May the Best Candidate (That Money Can Buy) Win!, and The American Dream Fallacy.   

The Fed is a Washington insider who works with Congressional law makers on the Hill.  Originally a Preacher's Kid from the South, The Fed made his way out to the East Coast through the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.  Now, the decisions that he makes everyday have a direct impact on national policy.  As an added bonus to working in DC, he is on the front line of the latest national gossip and banter which can, from time to time, make its way into the blog.  On The Urban Politico, The Fed is the moderate voice of reason.  His blog persona could best be described as Magneto.  Some of his representative posts include The "Real American": Resurrecting the "Southern Strategy", Racial Profiling: "Can't Sit Here, Seat's Taken", Get Your Hand Out My Pocket!!!, and Is the Right-Wing Using Common Sense?

Shady Grady hails from the great state of Michigan and was born and raised in the Motor City (Detroit). He is a well known writer and contributor to several blogs throughout the blogosphere. No matter what position Shady takes on an issue, you can rest assured he can and will back it up with facts.  As far as his political ideology, Shady brings a moderate perspective to The Urban Politico that is slighltly to the right of Godson, The Janitor, and The Fed, which is a welcomed fresh breath of diversity.  According to politicalcompass.org, he scores as a left-wing libertarian.  He argues for civil rights (especially for racial minorities) but against immigration; for health care reform but against the individual mandate, and for religious freedom but against the mixing of church and state.  And with respect to religion, he doesn't believe in God but respects those who do.  In other words, the art of cognitive dissonance is not lost on this brother.  His blog persona could best be described as The Godfather.  Some of his representative posts include The Culture of Poverty, Are Chinese Mothers Superior?, Night Catches Us, and TSA Pats Down 6-year-old Girl.

The Storyteller is a news producer currently living in Florida but hails from the South Side of Chicago. Before blogging she spent her time questioning the current President in daily letters. When that one on one dialogue ended she decided to open up the discussion to the world, and what better place to do that than at The Urban Politico. You can expect The Storyteller to offer a feminine voice and a news perspective on political, social, or absolutely random issues. You could say her blog persona is Janet Jackson circa 1989 - 1998.  Some of her representative posts include So You Want to Work in News?, The Next Crisis: College Costs, Loans & Losses, Occupy Wall Street Goes South, and Will the South Ever Catch a Break?.

GrandCentral is a first-time blogger coming to us with an Empire State of Mind. Born and raised in Upstate New York, she has an appreciation for the hustle and bustle of Wall Street, but a strong sense of community and advocacy. In 2008, she left her cushy, Investment Banking gig to pursue a career in the non-profit sector and has never looked back.  A first-generation American and transitioning Vegan, you will find her viewpoints sometimes odd, very passionate and at times eclectic.  She is a self-proclaimed risk taker and thrives on sporadic life decisions.  Even though her goals of a career in non-profit didn't quite work out, it led her to to an even better path - the road to Law School. She is an aspiring Attorney, currently awaiting an admissions decision to law school. An allie of the the LGBT Community, upon passing the New York State Bar, GrandCentral plans to start her career as a public interest lawyer, delivering liberty and justice to all Americans. Her blog personal could best be described as Erin Brockovich.  Some of her representative posts include The Most Gutsiest President, Take 2 - Debt Ceiling Debate, Dear America, You are NOT Worth a Discussion, and The Path to Prosperity vs. The People's Budget.

Old Guru adds to The Urban Politico's DC Beltway family along with The Fed.  Going to law school after spending time in the military has definitely molded Old Guru into a formidable political mind; he knows the law and can hold his own against even the fiercest of debaters.  Politically he is a left-leaning independent, however, don't be surprised to see him arguing for the Free Market while in the same breath demand government regulations.  He believes the federal government should play a role in society, but it shouldn't turn into a nanny state.  He comes from a Christian family, but respects those with different beliefs.  When he's not talking about politics, you can usually find him throwing up the hooks with Sons of Blood and Thunder, or running over the competition at the neighborhood pick-up football game. His blog persona can best be described as Sun Tzu.  Some of his representative posts include LAW & ORDER SERIES Part 1: Disestablishing Paternity - The Case of the Vanishing Equitable Remedy, Sarah Palin's "Real-Pro American" Tour, and Waterboarding: Three Reasons Why the Practice Should be Banned Forever.


The statements and views of The Urban Politico staff are our own and do not in any way reflect those of our respective employers.  In addition, any legal statements or views expressed on this blog are intended as general information for blog discussion purposes only and do not constitute legal advice or a legal opinion.  
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