Saturday, October 30, 2021

Right Winger Advocates Violence: When Do We Get To Use The Guns

As you may have noticed much of the Republican Party has accepted the big lie that a cabal of Democrats stole the 2020 Presidential election from Trump. 
As a result many conservatives and Republicans are doing everything they can do to discourage or prevent THEM from voting. 
But of course when you believe that your political opponents are thoroughly illegitimate and even EVIL or blasphemous, as more and more Republicans do, you have no interest in trying to change their minds, reason with them, or accept that this time they simply outworked you or had a more appealing message to the voters. 
No. You want to fight them and kill them.
This was recently made apparent at a Turning Point USA event where a Big Lie True Believer asked racist  (ahem) "conservative" activist Charlie Kirk "When do we get to kill our political opponents?". To be fair Kirk distanced himself from that sentiment. His distancing was more from a realization that saying the quiet part out loud was a bad look than it was from any sort of moral revulsion at murdering your political opponents.


I think that it's been a tremendous mistake both strategically and tactically for people who lean left, however you want to define that, to let people who lean right get the idea that they are the only people who own guns and aren't afraid to use them. 
Too many people on the right are bullies and authoritarians. 
And the only way you can deal with people like the man in the video and those who cheered him is to make sure they understand that whatever they do to you will be coming back twice as hard to them.
Some people don't like that fact. 
Sorry but that is reality. Deterrence is part of life. Notice that the premise of the man's question assumed that his political opponents had no guns or wouldn't resist being you know, killed.
When people believe that you are weak they start to treat you any old way they want to treat you. This is true in small things of little importance and critical things like wholesale political purges. 
This is not an issue where "Both sides do it" or " The Democrats are just as bad". No. One group of people is speaking publicly about killing their fellow citizens. And they are often armed to the teeth and disproportionately found in the military and police. As this becomes normalized expect more political violence. Things are falling apart. 
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