Saturday, July 31, 2021

Society and Violent Women

We are told that there is never any excuse for violence against women. Okay. But what about when women initiate violence against other people? Do the targets of that violence have the right to defend themselves? 
Two recent incidents made me think about women and violence in a way different than the common narrative. In the first incident a large young woman who is apparently well over 200 pounds attacked two elderly beauty shop owners who combined together probably don't weigh as much as the woman. And the attacker's apparent reason for the assault was simply that she didn't have the money to pay for the items she wanted. 
CLEVELAND — A woman caught on camera brutally attacking a couple on July 23 at their beauty supply store on Lorain Road has been arrested, according to a spokesperson for the Cleveland Division of Police. Ebony Afzal, 25, of Cleveland, was arrested Thursday for felonious assault, a second-degree felony, according to court documents.
Afzal is accused of beating the couple, who owns Chic Beauty Supply on Lorain Road, over what is said to be an $11.85 transaction. Their son David Jo told News 5 Cleveland that it all started when Afzal allegedly tried to pay for the items with pre-paid credit card when it got declined.

In the video, you can hear his parents explain that she cannot leave with the items because there wasn’t money on the card. When Jo’s mother told her husband to call police, Afzal was seen on surveillance video attacking Jo’s father first and when his mother stepped in, Afzal punched and dragged his mother across the floor by her hair. The attack left his mother unconscious.

Also in Ohio recently a woman became upset when McDonald's employees apparently refused to mix three different types of slushies in one container.
This well fed woman decided to come over the counter and attempt to make the slushie herself, proceeding to insult and assault the workers and managers who tried to convince her to stay in the customer lane. Unfortunately for the woman she bit off more than she could chew and wound up on the wrong side of a free butt kicking before being arrested.
RAVENNA, Ohio — An Ohio woman is accused of attacking two McDonald’s employees she said refused to make her a slushie, authorities said. Cherysse Helena Cleveland, 44, of Ravenna, was arrested Monday and charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault, according to Portage County online court records.
According to an incident report from the Ravenna City Police Department, officers were dispatched to a McDonald’s in Ravenna on Monday at about 9:40 a.m. EDT, WBNS reported.
According to police, Cleveland was observed attempting to strike several employees, the television station reported.
A preliminary investigation revealed that Cleveland went to the fast-food restaurant to buy a slushie, WJW reported. According to the incident report, Cleveland asked the employees to mix all three slushie flavors together, the television station reported. When the McDonald’s manager attempted to block Cleveland’s path, he was punched, the television station reported. Another employee was able to move Cleveland away from the workspace but was punched in the right eye. The second employee was able to wrestle Cleveland to the ground, WKYC reported

So in both cases a woman initiated violence. Women rather larger than normal attacked smaller people for the crime of saying no to them. No you can't purchase items for which you don't have money. No you can't enter the employee area of a fast food franchise and create your own items. That kind of violence is brutish behavior regardless of the perpetrator's sex. Unsurprisingly, Cleveland has done time in prison for assaulting her grandmother.
We have this modern political ideology that suggests, even insists, that women are only ever the victims of violence, are always smaller and less aggressive. Not true. Women, like men, exist along the entire spectrum of human moralities and behaviors. We would be better able to deal with and reduce violence if we recognized that fact.
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