Saturday, July 3, 2021

Cows Escape Slaughterhouse (Briefly)

I guess the cows decided to live free or die trying. They got to enjoy a final few moments of freedom before being slaughtered. I think that some day in the not too distant future that more people will look askance at the practice of slaughtering animals for food.
Last week the world watched and cheered as videos of 39 cows making a daring escape from a Pico Rivera slaughterhouse went viral. This weekend we learned that all but one of the 39 runaway cows have met their end after being returned to Manning Beef.
"People were rooting for the cows when they made their prison break. People said 'Gosh, if they had enough courage to break out and try and get freedom why not give it to them,'" said Robert Alaniz, spokesman for the city of Pico Rivera.

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