Saturday, May 15, 2021

Mother Defends Children Against Racist Home Invasion

I do not think that every single person should own a firearm. And I know some people who own guns who in my opinion probably shouldn't. But I have never understood those who claim that only police or the military should own guns. 
I have zero respect for that position, not only because there are plenty examples of government officials harming unarmed people, but also because there are even more instances of criminals seeking to harm unarmed people and/or those whom they perceive as weaker than themselves. 
Whether we like it or not, the world is full of human predators. Although most of us will likely never encounter such folks there's absolutely nothing wrong with being prepared if we do.
Three white people allegedly threatened to kill a black family — including two children — during a violent home invasion in Michigan, prosecutors said. 
The suspects — identified as Branden Odegaard, Michael Graves and Maci Pietryga – were arrested after cops responded to a 911 call on April 26 in Walled Lake, where witnesses said the trio “threatened to kill the occupants” and used a racial slur, the Detroit News reported.

A mother and her two children, ages 9 and 13, were at home during the incident, WDIV reported. The 13-year-old was awakened by a commotion outside and roused his 9-year-old brother. 
Their mother then grabbed a gun and fired shots through a bedroom window before calling her husband, who was working at the time in Detroit, the station reported. “I can hear everything, them kicking and banging down the door, whatever they were doing,” the husband recalled, saying the three suspects had dogs with them, as well as a knife and a club.

“I heard the first shot and that’s when she, they were in the house,” he said. “I can hear the guy saying, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ The n-word and all that.” 
The man said he left his job and drove home to find three white suspects in custody. The suspects were reportedly arrested nearby after the family called 911.
The man said his wife “did what she had to do” to protect their family. “When you have kids, you do what you gotta do,” he said.

If the mother in question had not been armed this story could have ended quite differently. People should think about stories such as this the next time they run into someone who breezily declaims that no one ever needs a gun to protect themselves.

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