Saturday, April 17, 2021

Tax Preparer Pulls Gun On Customer

You know, for most people who aren't millionaires, independently wealthy, earn a living from profits, rents, and interest instead of salary, or have business interests, income, and property in multiple states and nations, I have never thought that it made much difference whether they did their tax returns themselves or paid for professional tax prep.

Everyone wants to minimize their taxes owed, whether they are barely surviving or have so much wealth that they forget how many cars or homes that they own. 
But when you're a salaried schlub, the government usually already knows to the penny how much income you earned last year. In that case, I don't see much value in paying anyone significant amounts of money to prepare your taxes. Still, many people do.
However, if I were to hire someone to prepare my tax return, giving them my social security number and other privileged information, I'd want to ensure that this person was trustworthy. I wouldn't hire someone who had recently been in prison for robbery. But we all have different risk preferences I guess.
HOUSTON (KTRK) - A tax preparer in Houston faces multiple charges for allegedly pulling a gun on a customer and attacking another after they noticed issues with their tax returns. Boyle says she is being audited by the Internal Revenue Service after using Wright’s office to file her taxes. She went to the office to clear up some discrepancies.
Marquita Boyle says she began filming a Thursday incident at Houston’s Mz Biz, where she used Latunya Wright’s tax services, because she was worried it might escalate. She says Wright, arguing with some customers upset about their refund, pulled a gun on them.
“She had the gun pointed at him, and then, she turned around with the gun and she actually cocked the gun,” Boyle said. “You actually cocked the gun at people that paid for your company’s services and wanted to know what was going on.” Police arrested Wright at the business, which she owns.
She is charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated assault. A native of Missouri, she was sentenced in 2012 to more than four years in federal prison for her part in a multi-million dollar robbery at an ATM servicing company.


Oh well. When you patronize a hoodlum owned company, you can't really complain when the owner acts like a hoodlum. What did you expect?
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