Saturday, February 20, 2021

Racist Neighbors in Grosse Pointe Park

This is just your daily reminder that racism occurs independently of a person's income or wealth. Although Grosse Pointe Park is not the wealthiest or least educated Detroit suburb, it's far from impoverished. 
If you have some minor unpleasantness with your neighbor and they immediately negatively reference one of your immutable characteristics it's not that you did anything wrong. They were just looking for an excuse to do so. In America the most charged examples of this are usually, or rather, almost always, racism against Black people.
A racist display has a community outraged in Grosse Pointe Park after a white resident displayed a KKK flag in the window of a home facing their Black neighbor Tuesday.
"I said, I know there's not a klan sign in the window next door," said Jedonna Dinges. "And I opened the curtains and I looked and sure enough, there was a klan sign in the window next door."
She initially called state and federal authorities and shared the picture of the flag on her Facebook page before local police got wind of the situation and went to the neighbor's house, urging him to take it down.

"Detectives who came out from the Grosse Pointe Park Police Department told me, that the reason the neighbors put the klan sign up was because I put a camera on my windowsill to record what was happening along the side of my house to protect myself," she said.
Dinges says she installed a security camera after someone put a full gasoline container in her dumpster just three weeks ago. That camera points toward her neighbor's house, something he was upset about.
"When the police asked the neighbor about it, he said 'Well I didn't want to go over there and say anything to her, we never had any problems with them,'" she said. "They made it clear with the police we never had any problem with her, but we're non-confrontational people. I don't know how you get any more confrontational than a klan sign."

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