Saturday, December 19, 2020

Trump Lost The 2020 Presidential Election

Trump lost the 2020 Presidential Election. Trump lost because enough people in enough states decided that Joe Biden was the better choice.  Trump lost because the Republican Party is on a national level non-competitive in the Northeast and starting to show cracks in the South and Southwest. 
Trump lost because the Republican Party has reached the current limit of political popularity that it can have throughy open appeals to white racist resentment, white nationalism, anti-intellectualism, anti-urban feelings, conspiracy theories, and various other dubious emotions or stances. Trump lost because even some otherwise Republican leaning voters looked at Trump's general corruption and specific ineptitude combating the coronavirus pandemic and decided that enough was enough. 
Trump lost because his support slipped among white men, his most devoted base. Trump lost because he is congenitally unable to frame appeals to people that are not rooted in hate. Trump lost because he's unwilling to reach out to people who are not his base. Trump lost because he's incapable of conceiving a scenario where he loses. His ego can't accept that possibility.
Despite this Trump and his slowly shrinking band of dead-enders have spent the past six weeks denying that Trump lost at all! They have claimed that the election was stolen. However, in every single case which they have brought to court they've been unable to prove or in some cases even allege election fraud. Their cases have been almost uniformly tossed. There is no "there" there. Some friends and relatives who are lawyers have had good laughs pointing out the legal, logical, constitutional, and even occasionally the spelling issues on display in Trump's legal claims. The "election fraud" which bothers Trump and team is that people, especially Black people, voted against Trump. 
This has led to Trump supporters muttering about 2nd Amendment solutions, attacking people in the streets, promoting secession, or explicitly calling for a Trump declaration of martial law with a new election to be overseen by the military. Presumably the military would throw out the votes that weren't the "right" votes or even better intimidate THOSE PEOPLE from showing up at the polls in the first place. This all shows that Trump and a SIZABLE percentage of conservatives and Republicans really don't believe in Democracy. 
It's not normal behavior to sit there and claim that you won when you lost. It's not normal behavior to make accusations of fraud that are increasingly divorced from reality. It's not normal behavior to threaten violence and commit it unless you get what you want. Fundamentally this is because Trump and many conservatives really want the electorate to be limited to white people. They simply do not believe, not deep down where it counts, that non-whites are Americans. 
This is despite the fact that for a variety of reasons, the Republican share of the non-white vote actually increased! A smart or competent national Republican party or leader would figure out how to capitalize on this change and turn it into a trend.  But fortunately for the Democrats a smart or competent Republican national party or leader does not exist.  
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