Saturday, December 26, 2020

Austrian Village Changes Name

You may recall a previous blog post about how a Vietnamese-American student with the unfortunate name of Phuc Bui got very upset and charged bias when her college professor suggested that she might choose a different nickname in class. I had some sympathy for her if only because I think it can be a sign of massive disrespect for someone not to call you by your given(correctly pronounced) name. However, that said there are simply some syllable combinations in English (or any other language) that are either funny or profane to native speakers. Phuc Bui is one such example. And this doesn't necessarily have anything to do with race, ethnicity, or culture. 
For example the good townspeople of F*****, Austria, finally got tired of various English speaking people flocking to their town with the sole intention of making jokes and posing next to or stealing road signs. It is what it is.
So if you ever wanted to visit F****** Austria sorry but you missed your f****** chance!!!!
The F****** people aren't taking your f****** jokes any more!!!

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