Saturday, October 24, 2020

Ice Cube And The Black Male Vote

The rapper, actor, and filmmaker Ice Cube became the subject of a great deal of agita because of his meeting with some people within the Trump Administration regarding Ice Cube's Contract With Black America (CWBA) plan, which lays out some policies and plans which Ice Cube and some other Black people would like to see adopted. Now I don't have a problem with anyone criticizing the merits of the CWBA. No one is beyond criticism. No one. Never. Ever.

The problem however was that people (and by people I generally mean Black gatekeepers in predominantly white owned media and academia, disproportionately Black women) criticized Ice Cube not for his plan's alleged faults, blind spots or shortcomings, which few of them could delineate in any event, but instead lambasted Ice Cube as a chump, sellout, misogynist, and Trump supporter for having the f*****g audacity even to meet with any Republican without checking first with his Democratic (preferably Black feminist female) overlords. 
Twitter loons, left leaning media and academic favorites, few of whom were heterosexual black men, starting pushing the narrative that heterosexual Black men were the weakest link in the Black community, that Black men as a group were diehard cisgender heteronormative misogynistic patriarchal oppressive dummies who were going to mess everything up, as usual, by voting for Trump. One noted nutcase even said that Black women needed to go on a sex strike against Black men to control the Black male vote. 
As Ice Cube himself calmly pointed out over and over again, he took his plan to both Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats said that maybe they would talk to him after they won. 
The Republicans were ok with talking to him now. Ice Cube was not endorsing the Republicans or Trump. He was saying that Black people need to have plans and responses in place regardless of who is in office. I agree with that.
Every other community, group, or business operates in that manner. The corporation that employs me has lobbyists ready to talk to and provide money to whoever wins office, from the President on down. Self-employed people that I know who are liberal as can be still have feelers out to conservative politicians who may be in a position to help their company. 
Many of the people who raged on Facebook against Ice Cube in particular and Black men in general seem to be unaware that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg employs lobbyists to work both sides of the political aisle, eats dinner with President Trump, contributes to Democratic and Republican causes, and has the personal number of Trump son-in-law and apparent favorite Jared Kushner. Why? Because like any intelligent person Zuckerberg intends to ensure the wellbeing of that which he cares most about, which in the business arena is Facebook. People criticizing Ice Cube are simultaneously putting money in Zuckerberg's pocket. Hmm.  
Black people in general and Black men in particular are in a perilous state regarding wealth, health, employment, education and justice. Because we normally give our votes disproportionately to one party no matter what, that party feels free to take us for granted while the other party feels free to be as hostile as can be. Neither party has to worry about our vote. That needs to change. Black people need to start using their vote as leverage for tangibles.

Lastly, although Black men do not usually vote Democratic in the same proportion as Black women, no other demographic group votes Democratic in as high numbers as Black men do. Not Latinos. Not Asians. Not Whites. Not Native Americans. Nobody. So why the vitriol and contempt for the 10-15% of Black men who may vote Republican? 
Are some of them self-hating? Perhaps. Almost certainly in some cases. But there are also some men who are concerned about their Second Amendment rights, or who simply feel ignored by a Democratic party that loudly centers the interests of feminists, illegal immigrants, LGBTQ, and just about everyone else but Black men while being unable to even use the word masculinity without prefixing it with "toxic".  
Even though Black men still have the highest rate of unemployment, virtually all of the left's political and media energy went towards ideas about reducing the much lower female unemployment rate or to long held hobby horses like increasing financing and taxation for child care so that women could get promoted from jobs that in many cases Black men can't get promoted to. Gee, why would some Black men start to feel somewhat alienated from this?

Here's the bottom line. 
No matter your race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, sexual identity, religion or other characteristic, your ability to define your interest AND your vote both belong to you. No one else. Not a loudmouth hack on MSNBC, a ridiculously overfed academic, or a political party whose candidate tells you that if you don't vote for him you're a race traitor. Anyone who tells you otherwise can go take a flying f*** at a rolling donut. Your vote is your private business.
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