Saturday, October 31, 2020

Black Couple Not Allowed At Sushi Restaurant???

I don't know who coined the umbrella term "people of color" to describe, in the American context, people who may not be of clearly European descent. Too often that term is used to suggest that there is a commonality among different groups with massively dissimilar interests, goals, wealth, and histories. To put it bluntly the key dividing line in American society is not white/non-white but rather Black/non-Black. There are many groups who are not necessarily "white" as Americans define it but who still have their own histories of anti-Blackness which predate and overlap the Black American experience in North America.

Desegregation, while necessary to overturn intolerable insults to dignity, does not correct the dislike and disdain for Black people that many people share, regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality or other characteristic. Some restaurants, nightclubs, and other public gathering spots often discreetly maintain a quota of Black people allowed. 

After that quota is met other would be Black patrons might find that the establishment's employees or owner(s) will provide all sorts of preposterously inventive and totally "non-racist" reasons why the Black customer is not allowed inside. While I can't say with 100% certainty that this is what happened recently at a sushi restaurant in Buckhead, I can say that I am quite familiar with people suddenly changing their mind or changing the rules when they see me.

These conflicts help explain why Black Americans suffer disproportionately from hypertension. Being in constant fight or flight mode and having to defend your dignity over something as silly as patronizing a restaurant takes its toll over the years. That said I am not going to argue with a racist that he or she must take my money. 

Watch video below. East Asian waiters tell a Black couple that they're not allowed inside because the man is wearing sneakers. The Black man points out that a white customer is wearing sneakers. Things escalate, especially when the owner (either South Asian or Middle Eastern) emerges to hurl insults and make threats.

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