Saturday, September 5, 2020

Doordash Wyandotte Shooting over McDonald's Delivery

I have heard of drunk belligerent people becoming violent because someone got their order wrong, delivered their order late, or refused to take their order. 

Until recently I hadn't heard of someone becoming violent because someone delivered their order early. But now I have. And so have you.

FOX 2 - Accused of shooting at a DoorDash driver, a Wyandotte woman has been charged with assault with intent to commit murder. A Wyandotte woman was 10 feet away from her DoorDash driver when she tried to fire her first shot. The gun misfired. She tried two more times, with the third attempt firing at him, but it missed. Police say the customer was Michelle York. When Ricky got to her house, she was waiting on the porch with a man, and child. "They had a little 8- or 10-year-old boy and he was standing there for the whole thing," he said.
Johnson says their delivery was early and the shake cold, fries hot.
"She gets up in my face and starts calling me a (blank)hole and all these names," Johnson said. "I gave them the food and tried to walk away, then she punched me in the back."

York allegedly wasn't done."She went inside came back out and pointed the pistol at me," he said. "She clicked it and it didn't shoot."

We are told she tried again - but misfired, the gun eventually did work but Johnson was in his car on the phone with 911.

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