Saturday, August 1, 2020

DJ Fluker Victim of Domestic Violence from Girlfriend Kimberly Davis

Baltimore Ravens lineman DJ Fluker is 6'5" and well over 325 lbs. As a professional football player he performs in a sport of unrelenting aggression which may take years off his life and/or leave him with brain damage. 

Fluker is expected to bench at least 300 lbs, squat over 400 lbs, and play through all sorts of pain, including broken bones. Absent immediate self-defense I don't see myself becoming violent with him. And yet his girlfriend Kimberly Davis apparently continually did so, slapping, punching and drawing blood. And this evidently wasn't the first time that she had done so.

REISTERSTOWN, Md. (SBG) — A Baltimore Ravens lineman has allegedly been a repeated victim of domestic abuse, according to police documents. According to police reports obtained by WBFF, D.J. Fluker says he has been the victim of several assaults over the course of his long-term relationship with Kimberly Davis, who he has a child with.

Davis was arrested following a July 13 incident at the couple’s home in Reisterstown, Maryland, after she allegedly punched Fluker in the nose over an argument over social media. The responding officer observed dried blood coming from his nose and a photo obtained by WBFF from that night shows blood on Fluker’s face. LINK

If Fluker had done the same to Davis or retaliated to her violence there would be another million editorials, tweets, blog posts, and cable segments talking about the evil NFL black ape thug and how savage he is. Fluker could become a billionaire philanthropist, cure COVID-19, cure cancer, and die bringing food to the hungry. Obituaries written would ignore all that to center his domestic violence issue.
There is more evidence that domestic violence, particularly in the Black community, is often bi-directional, that is, men and women commit it at near equal rates to each other. If we want to reduce domestic violence we need to accept that women are just as capable of evil as men are. The idea that Black men are using violence to enforce some sort of patriarchal privilege or are uniquely violent is not only bad ideology, it's empirically untrue.

EVERYONE needs to understand that the only rule that counts is that you never put hands on another person--absent self-defense. That is not a message that only men need to hear. We need more women to understand, as Fluker appears to have grasped, that if you lay violent hands on your special rider and you're NOT defending yourself, you're going to be arrested. And you should be.

When I shared this story and similar ones on Facebook and elsewhere, some female friends and relatives who really should know better suggested that the man in the story must have done something to set the woman off. 

They would of course be outraged if their male relatives or friends callously remarked that a female victim of domestic violence should have shut her big mouth and done what she was told to do. 
I am not suggesting that men and women never have a reason to become angry with each other, perhaps greatly so. I am suggesting that both genders need to internalize the idea that no matter how angry I am at this so-n-so right now, I am NOT going to hit them. Maybe that means someone needs to take a walk, sleep on the couch, disappear for a few days, just stop talking or even end the relationship. But we can't say that a man who loses it needs to be shamed, locked up, and lose his livelihood while a woman who loses it isn't at fault at all, poor thing.

NO HANDS! Most things can be talked out and resolved without violence. And if that's not the case, well then someone needs to leave or get help leaving. But slapping and punching someone because you disagree with them is unacceptable behavior, regardless of which set of chromosomes and gonads you happen to possess.
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