Saturday, July 25, 2020

Michigan Woman Sets SUV On Fire

Apparently some women have been watching Waiting to Exhale too many times without understanding that (a) setting someone's vehicle or other possessions on fire to express your disappointment with them is illegal and immoral and (b) gasoline vapors are just as flammable and as dangerous as liquid gasoline. 

I'm sure the next time one Ms. Sydney Parham decides to set an "acquaintance's" vehicle on fire she will consider using a fuse and/or ensuring there are no witnesses or surveillance cameras around. 

You learn all about such things when you go to prison, which is hopefully exactly where this nitwit is headed.

The Macomb County Prosecutor's Office announced Friday that a Fraser woman has been charged with setting a car on fire after video shows her apparently filling the SUV with gasoline and then lighting it, only to have it explode in her face. Sydney Parham, 26, was arrested on arson charges after police said she set the car on fire on Wednesday. 

The fire department and deputies were called to the San Remo Apartments on Union Lake Road for a car fire on Wednesday around 8 a.m.
Video shot from across the parking lot shows a woman, identified by deputies as Parham, filling the back seat with what looks like gasoline, reaching in to ignite it with what looks like a stick lighter, and then the fire explodes in her face, sending her backward onto the pavement next to the SUV.
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