Friday, July 31, 2020

America's COVID-19 Response Under Trump

It helps to get peer feedback on your actions. Other people can let you know if your actions and decisions actually make sense to them. 

If these people are doing worse than you are, you might not care about their thoughts. But if they are doing at least as well or better than you, then you should listen to some things that they have to say. It has become painfully apparent that the US response to COVID-19 has been pathetic. Over 150,000 Americans have died. 

President Donald Trump has at various times claimed that he takes no responsibility, inquired about injecting or ingesting cleaning materials, called the virus a hoax, continued to emphasize the pandemic's Chinese origin, boasted that by this date the virus would have disappeared, dismissed medical experts, refused to wear masks or endorse the wearing of masks, blamed the spread on Black and Brown people, and said that too much testing is a bad idea. Trump takes all bad news on COVID-19 as a personal attack. Since Trump lacks the maturity to deal with bad news, he must pretend it doesn't exist.

All of this has been echoed and amplified by Trump's mini-mes in the Republican Party at the state and local levels. It might be useful to hear what some foreigners think of all of this.

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