Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Warren Police Arrest Amazon Driver For Parking The Wrong Way

It's apparently not safe to be a Black Amazon driver when there are cops in the vicinity. 

On Tuesday Warren police arrested an Amazon delivery driver - and witnesses say it was for parking the wrong way on the street. Police say the incident is being reviewed, but Mayor Jim Fouts took to Facebook calling for one of his own officers to be fired and subject to a criminal investigation after an altercation with an Amazon driver. 

He quickly removed the post after talking with Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer. All the police commissioner would tell FOX 2 is that the matter is under investigation.

Police are not talking Tuesday night, but neighbors who witnessed the incident, are. A publicly shared Facebook Live video starts with the Amazon delivery man on the ground detained by police. 

“I delivered to her," he says to police.

“I can attest to it, he put the box in my hand," said witness Diana Gouim.

It happened at 2 p.m. Tuesday on Engleman in Warren when the package was delivered.“And he was so polite to my neighbor, he offered to put it on the chair for her because it was heavy," said neighbor Geri Cheatham.

But seconds later, a Warren officer was at the scene.
“From when my sister walked in the house and then walked back out, the cop had him on the ground and cuffed and was calling for back-up," said witness Jim Michaels.

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