Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Amy Cooper Tries To Get Police To Brutalize Black Man

We have rules in society about wearing masks, bagging your garbage, littering, leashing dogs, jaywalking, picking up after your dog, etc. 

People sometimes remind each other about violating these rules, especially when said violations cause problems for the person who's not breaking the rules. 

In Central Park a Black man named Christian Cooper (a biomedical editor and former Marvel comics editor) was peacefully watching birds and minding his own business when he encountered a White woman named Amy Cooper (no relation) who was allowing her dog to roam around unleashed. 

Dogs are not allowed to be unleashed in this area of the park. Christian apparently reminded Amy of this rule and asked her to leash her dog.

Amy apparently could not believe that this uppity n***** had the audacity to ask her to do anything. Amy got in Christian's face. Amy told Christian that she was going to call the police on him and tell them that there was an "African-American man threatening her life". And she did just that. 

In short Amy was doing her absolute best to ensure that Christian was stopped, intimidated, insulted, harassed, arrested, assaulted or even killed by the police. She did that simply because she was angry at being asked to leash her dog. Amy was a good actress. She flipped a switch. If you heard her hysterics without watching the video you might well believe that she was being threatened, raped, or assaulted right that moment.


Fortunately for Christian, he had the presence of mind to record the encounter on his phone. And even more fortuitously Christian's sister, Melody Cooper, happens to be a writer and director with a significant twitter following. Once the video went viral on twitter, Amy issued a half-hearted apology, lost her dog because of the way she was choking it, and was placed on leave by her employer, Franklin Templeton, an asset management firm.

The company issued a statement Monday night saying, “We take these matters very seriously and we do not condone racism of any kind. While we are in the process of investigating the situation, the employee involved has been put on administrative leave.”

My takeaway from this is that once again racist whites know exactly what they are doing when they call the police on black people for no good reason. Note how smug and self-satisfied Amy sounded when she told Christian that she was calling the cops. She was aware of what could happen. It is also important to recognize how gendered some of this is. 

Whereas a racist white man might have sought to continue the confrontation on his own, a racist white woman will call the police and attempt to portray herself as the victim. And Amy might have gotten away with it too, had it not been for the video. 

And birdwatching, like jogging, swimming, walking, driving, shopping, or going home, would be another activity that Black people, particularly Black men, could not do without being "suspicious". 

Society must let go of the idea that women are by nature more moral than men are. They are not. They are quite capable of lies and other malicious or immoral behavior. Neither men nor women are worse than the other. #Believewomen? No. #Believeevidence.

I very much doubt that Amy Cooper is notable among her peer group for racism. Racism is so deep among some that it's normalized. I have worked with and unfortunately for people like Amy Cooper. It's rare that they see themselves as racist even as they call police and lie or manage to avoid hiring or promoting Black men. It is what it is.
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