Saturday, April 4, 2020

Home Invasions: In For A Penny In For A Pound

The thing about most criminals is that they are cowards. They pick on people whom, in the criminal's estimation, can't or won't fight back. 

They attack people when they think they outnumber their would be prey. 

But of course law abiding people, who don't make their living kicking in people's doors and then raping, robbing or killing other people, get tired of being potential or actual victims. Some of them take steps to ensure that criminals will learn, the hard way, if need be, that criminal behavior is not a cost free activity.

Although I don't think this incident was funny per se, I did find it grimly appropriate that the Big Bad Wolf turned Little Bo Peep once confronted with equivalent or superior firepower. 

As I've mentioned before I do not doubt that some of this criminal behavior is driven by fatherless homes, self-hate and lack of respect for others caused by internalized racism, short time perspectives, greed, over investment in material acquisition, lack of economic opportunity and so on. I think that a civilized society must do its best to address those issues before they erupt in violence.
But at that precise moment when someone is trying to rob you, rape you, or kill you there is no time for long discussions about all the root causes of their negative behavior. The only thing you can do is either escape or put such a hurting on the person that they stop their assault. Immediately.

MARIETTA, Ga. - Police are investigating after a Cobb County resident stopped three burglars in their tracks, killing one of them. According to investigators, late Sunday night at least three people tried to break into a home on Olive Spring Road. officers say a 17-year-old resident opened fire on the intruders.

Two ended up getting hit, one of them, 21-year-old Machavellia Bagsby, died. A 16-year-old initially got away but has since been arrested. One homeowner shared ring video with us of suspect Tauruss Miller, who is also 21 years old. He rushed to her front door pleading for help after he told her he had been shot.

Police remained at the home throughout the overnight hours. They do not plan to charge the 17-year-old shooter.


Old dude is asking for someone to call the police. Why? You weren't asking for the police to show up when you were committing a felony were you? You paid for your ticket, dude. Now you've got to enjoy the ride.

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