Saturday, January 11, 2020

More Snowy Owls in Michigan

I ran across this wonderful picture of a snowy owl on a local news website. It was taken by a lady in SE Michigan. I saw a snowy owl in my front yard a little less than a month ago.

I imagine that all the neighborhood squirrels, raccoons, and other birds suddenly found something else to do. Nothing brings more mental clarity than someone showing up in your neighborhood who will kill you with a naturalness and quickness. There have been a lot of snowy owls showing up in Michigan of late.

Photos of snowy owls across Michigan have been showing up and going viral across social media over the past few weeks. The beautiful white bird, normally seen in northern Canada and even in the Arctic tundra, has made its way south. According to , the snowy owl's migration is not well understood, but a map from the website shows that Michigan is the southern-most location for its common migration. 

The website also said that snowy owls usually concentrate and nest in the summer where there are high populations of small rodents called lemmings. The bird can also take other prey, including birds as big as geese.

"During some winters, large numbers of snowy owls appear south of the Canadian border," it said. The snowy owl normally hunts by day, according to Audobon, catching its prey in its talons.

Any animal that hunts Canadian Geese is a friend of mine.

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