Saturday, December 7, 2019

Woman and Lover Fired After Lover Shares Sexy Pics/Text

I guess you probably ought to be careful sending out certain pictures. Not everyone knows how to keep their ever loving mouth shut. And when people start to talk, who knows where things will end up. One minute you're having a work affair and enjoying life while sending your good-n-plenty naughty texts, interesting pictures and double entendres. 

The next minute you've been fired, have your name in the newspaper as an example of what not to become, and are being sued for court costs by your former employer. So it goes. Some people can't be trusted. If nothing else this shows yet again just how powerful certain urges are, for both men and women. Like the song goes, Everybody wants some!!

A woman was fired from her job after her co-worker shared their sexts with four colleagues. Now, the woman’s former employer is hitting her with $25,000 in legal fees, The New York Post reports.

Jennifer Ricketts sent explicit text messages, “including intimate images and videos” of herself, to co-worker Stephen Nazario last year, but he ended up sharing those messages with four of their co-workers on Dec. 11, according to court documents. “I felt humiliated when it first happened,” Ricketts told The Post.

The 28-year-old woman—who worked as a retention specialist at the company—sent the messages to Nazario while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, “believing that he would demonstrate discretion; unfortunately, Nazario was not deserving of such trust,” per court papers.

Ricketts was fired less than a week after a friend disclosed the incident to company execs,since the images broke the company’s sexual harassment policy. 

“I had just had a newborn baby and they fired me a week before Christmas,” Ricketts told the outlet.

She sued her former employer and Nazario in the Bronx Supreme Court, but the company alleged that Ricketts signed papers obligating her to resolve conflicts in arbitration instead of court.

A judge sided with the company and threw out Ricketts' case last month, directing both parties to figure it out among themselves. Nazario and the four other employees were fired a few weeks after Ricketts.

I don't think whoever disclosed the incident to company execs was really a "friend" to Ricketts. I don't have much sympathy for Ricketts or Nazario. They knew what they were doing. They sent pictures. Do the dance and pay the piper. I might have some small amount of sympathy for the other co-workers. If they were minding their own business, received the pictures and didn't forward them, I don't think they should have lost their jobs. If not, well then that's a different story.
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