Saturday, December 21, 2019

Snowy Owl Rescued in Northern Michigan

As I have mentioned before if you happen to be a wild animal in some distress it definitely pays to have a look that humans find attractive, cute, or striking. 

People will go out of their way to rescue you and put their thumb on the scale as to whether you survive or not.

If on the other hand you happen to be a blobfish, naked mole rat, or monkfish and find yourself in need of human assistance, you will likely get more comments along the lines of "Dear God what the bleep is that nasty looking thing?? EWWWW!" than "Awww. It's so cute. Let's take it home, heal it, feed it and pretend that it loves us!" statements. If you are an ugly animal you will get little sympathy and likely die with the last words you hear being horrible insults about your God given looks.

DRUMMOND ISLAND, MICH. -- A struggling snowy owl found stranded along a Michigan roadside has been given a new lease on life, thanks to some quick-thinking locals and a little luck. 

The owl was discovered late last week sitting along M-134 on Drummond Island, off the eastern coast of the Upper Peninsula, by a resident who pulled over in her car to photograph it, not knowing the bird was unwell. 

As fate would have it, the next car to pass by was driven by Dick Bennett, a longtime veterinarian and founder of the Drummond Island Animal Clinic, who stopped his own vehicle to see if the first car was having trouble.

Bennett then saw the snowy owl and realized something wasn’t right.

“I said, ‘oh, that owl is sick,’” Bennett said. “It started to run toward the woods and flap its wings but couldn’t get airborne."

Bennett and two other motorists were able to safely secure the owl in a sheet and a cardboard box so the veterinarian could take her home. Upon examining the bird, Bennett determined it was malnourished and dehydrated, so he put out a call to friends and neighbors for mice and freshly road-killed squirrels to feed it. Local residents responded with barn mice, duck breast, and other owl-friendly treats, which Bennett said the hungry snowy owl “slugged down” with gusto.

Just a guess but I'm betting that if the barn mice could share their thoughts with humans, they would probably vote against being fed, alive or dead, to the cruel talons and beak of their merciless golden eyed ancient enemy.

Snowy owls are a wintertime bird in Michigan, as the Great Lakes region is one of the areas where they overwinter after breeding in the summertime in the Arctic.

As for the lucky Drummond Island snowy owl, Bennett said that when she’s ready to return to nature, she’ll be transported back to the island for a very small, very quiet release into the wild. Bennett said perhaps a few of those island residents who came to her aid will be in attendance. LINK

This is good for the owl I guess. Being good looking pays off. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Snicker.
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