Saturday, November 23, 2019

Old Iowa Man Shoots Up Strip Club Parking Lot

We should never underestimate how stupidly men will act in order to get attention from women or even just look at women. It's a weakness, but one which is probably required for the human race to continue recreating itself. 

Women have compatible, though not identical weak spots. But at age sixty-seven, at a time when natural testosterone is in free fall while wisdom and experience should be close to their maximum, I wouldn't expect that a man would be all that interested in or capable of causing a ruckus at a strip club.

Well I was wrong.

In Iowa recently a dirty old man was upset that his debit card was declined in a strip club. So like some men forty years younger, he decided to pull out his gun and do some shooting. 

A 67-year-old Iowa man opened fire outside a strip club after his debit card was rejected following a lap dance, according to authorities. James Wells fled following Friday night’s incident at the Porsches Theater of the Arts in Waterloo and was busted by police on the University of Northern Iowa campus following a short chase and struggle. 
He pulled out a gun in the parking lot and shot five times at vehicles, according to the newspaper. He would bolt the scene in his Chrysler and would get involved in a pursuit involving campus police. 
An official with the university told the Daily News on Monday that Wells hit a curb after entering campus property and his vehicle became disabled. Wells would also resist arrest and an officer injured a hand trying to subdue him, according to the Courier. 
He was hit with multiple charges, including several counts of reckless use of a firearm, criminal mischief and assault on a peace officer. The criminal mischief counts stemmed from the damage that Wells caused the vehicles that he shot at.


One minute you're getting lap dances from women thirty or forty years younger than you. The next you're shooting out windows and assaulting police officers. 
Life comes at you fast.
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