Saturday, November 2, 2019

Katie Hill Resigns

Katie Hill was the US Congressional Representative (Democratic) from California's 25th District. She resigned effective November 1. 

She resigned because (1) it recently became public knowledge that she was schtupping a female former campaign staffer, (2) Hill, who is bisexual, was apparently sharing this woman with her soon to be ex-husband, (3) there are allegations that Hill was also doing the do with a male Congressional staffer, (4) Hill was apparently engaging in marijuana usage, and (5) The British tabloid/newspaper The Daily Mail featured pics of Hill in various stages of undress being affectionate with the other woman and showing off what appears to be an Iron Cross tattoo in a place that you just won't see unless Hill REALLY likes you. 

Now strictly speaking the Iron Cross is not an inherent signifier of white supremacy or racism. But so many white supremacists and racists have adorned themselves with the Iron Cross that seeing such a tattoo may give one pause. It certainly makes me think differently.

Now each person has to judge their own heart. We all have different sex drives and needs. Some people can build stable multi-partner relationships where everyone is getting what they need emotionally, sexually, financially, romantically, etc. I don't know any such people personally but I know that they exist. As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult I don't care how folks get down.

But Hill made a mistake, a pretty critical one. You're not supposed to be getting your nookie from your employees. That's kind of the very definition of sexual harassment. 

There are literally billions of other possible sex partners in the world for Katie Hill, people who do not and/or did not work for her.

To be fair, it was apparently NOT illegal for Hill to make every day hump day with her campaign staffer though it would have been illegal for her to slip and slide with her Congressional staffer. 

Whatever the legal technicalities are however, it's accurate to point out that both situations are highly unethical and likely to end in tears, as indeed at least one of them did.

Judging by Hill's self-pitying reaction in her resignation video and all the feminist outrage from the usual twitter suspects, Hill and her supporters seem to be under the impression that all the #Metoo stuff was only meant for male transgressors. Suddenly people who were adamantly against any sort of second chances for any males accused of sexual sins from the venial to the mortal now want to talk about nuance for a female in the same situation. 

They suddenly understand that the workplace can sometimes be a sexually charged environment. They quickly get that sometimes bosses and employees can be attracted to each other. They think this is ok, now. This is like the pigs in Animal Farm rewriting the slogan "Four legs good, two legs bad!" to "Four legs good, two legs better!"

In short, this is all BULL.  Something that is wrong does not become right when you do it.

The married California Congresswoman under fire for her steamy “throupling” with an aide paid a male staffer she allegedly slept with the highest bonus she doled out to aides working on her campaign, federal documents show.

California Rep. Katie Hill, who is under probe by the House Ethics Committee for the reported affair with the staffer, Graham Kelly, also continued to pay a female campaign worker she and her husband were romantically involved until at least last month.

Kelly, the legislative director in the Democratic Congresswoman’s Washington DC, office, received a $5,100 “2018 election bonus” on April 27, according to Federal Election Commission records. Kelly was one of only four campaign workers who received bonuses, which started at $2,700. His was the highest.

So the boss is allegedly giving people who "make her happy" bonuses. Hmm.
It is not too much to expect that feminists live by the same standard they want to impose on everyone else. 

It is not too much to expect that a boss not hire employees and then take them home to share with her husband. It is not too much to tell a boss or anyone in a position to hire, fire or evaluate someone's work that he or she should not be having sex with that person. 

If there were a picture of a Republican Congressman sitting in a chair naked while brushing the hair of his young female campaign staffer, 100% of the feminists angrily defending Hill would be angrily demanding the resignation of the Republican man, yesterday.

This is 2019. Everyone knows the rules. Don't sleep with your employees/direct reports. Apparently it's not only men who need to hear that. It's only Hill's business that she and/or her soon to be ex-husband posted her pics on wife-swapping sites. Whatever floats your boat. But when Hill sleeps with campaign staffers that's a different story. 

For Hill to whine about a "double standard" for decisions she made is wrong. Sometimes people with whom we agree politically make mistakes or even commit crimes. It happens. People need to let go of the idea that only the other side ever does anything wrong. It's a childish and stupid way to go through life. Hill's situation is her fault.
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