Saturday, November 23, 2019

Biden Urged to End All Deportations

I don't see deportation of illegal immigrants from the United States as an a priori moral outrage. I've written why elsewhere at length and won't belabor the point again.

Every national political community is bounded. Nations have rules for who is a member and who isn't, who can stay and who can't. Politics require boundaries. Almost every nation on the planet has boundaries that were at some point established or defended by violence. Every single Western Hemisphere nation was created through some combination of European invasion and settlement, African enslavement, Indigenous subordination and/or genocide. Every last one. 

The US Federal government and corporations have long turned a blind eye to the continuous arrival of various illegal immigrants, many of whom originated from Spanish speaking nations. The US only has the funds to deport a small fraction of the estimated 11-22 million illegal immigrants currently resident.

Unsurprisingly some advocates for illegal immigrants view this forbearance as exploitable weakness. Some demand an end to all deportations. Current Democratic Presidential candidate, former VP Joe Biden was recently hectored to commit to ending all deportations. Biden refused to do so and acerbically suggested that the speaker go vote for Trump.
 Start at 2:25 of video.

Now, if I were in charge I would certainly set priorities as to which illegal immigrants needed to go the quickest. I would be more interested in deporting the drug dealer, rapist, gang member, or Medicare fraudster than I would other people. But the idea that this sovereign nation can't deport people who illegally entered is a non-starter to me, and I suspect rather more people than supporters of illegal immigrants realize.

I do not blame supporters of illegal immigrants agitating for ending all deportations. That is in their interest. But it's not in my interest. I can't imagine sneaking into another country and being outraged if or when that nation's government ordered me out. I don't believe that the Democratic nominee, whoever he or she might be, will endorse ending all deportations. I think that would be a challenging position in some states needed to get to 270 electoral votes. We shall see.
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