Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Religious Freedom and 7-Eleven Foot Washing

I dislike people using my kitchen sink to wash their hands. It's not the worst offense but I have a strong preference in keeping the areas where I clean utensils and prepare food separate from the areas where people clean themselves and their funky hairy bodies.  

Other people are indifferent; they consider dirt to be dirt and plumbing to be plumbing. They say as long as you're cleaning something what difference does it make in which sink you clean. My response is that if a man gives people an inch on washing their hands in his kitchen sink, before long people are changing their baby's diapers there. 

We should respect other people's religions and rules. One religion might require a certain hairstyle. A different religion might forbid even platonic physical contact between unmarried men and women or between a man and a woman married to someone else. Another religion could have strict rules regarding work on its day of rest. And one religion might require multiple daily prayer sessions and body washings. We should tolerate these differences where we can. Business owners  are required to make reasonable accommodations for an employee's religious requirements. But sometimes this isn't always possible.
ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) — A video posted on social media is sparking a debate. An employee at the 7-eleven on Gratiot and 13 Mile Road in Roseville was captured washing his feet in a sink that is meant for washing hands. 
The sink is next to a coffee machine and across from a grill station. The footage turned stomachs while others came to the employee's defense.
Emily Divel recorded the video and posted it to social media."As I walked in I could hear him loudly spitting in the sink," Divel said.

Divel said he then put his foot in the sink. Action News confronted the employee who said it was a religious practice. The unidentified employee said he's Muslim and it's mandatory he clean his feet, arms, and face at least five times a day.


So what's your take?
No harm, no foul? I mean what's the big deal if you get a little foot fungus in your slurpee? It will give your immune system something to do.

Or would you be so grossed out that you'd never enter a 7-Eleven again?

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