Saturday, February 2, 2019

University of Michigan Professor Accused of Rape

It is important to remember that no matter what we might hear from the more hysterical types in this #metoo era that immoral and criminal behavior can occur among both genders and in any sexuality.

Predation is not by any means something that only heterosexual males do to women. This latest story made me wonder if the University of Michigan might not have some explaining to do and/or even a little housecleaning. As always we should always grant every accused, male or female, gay or straight, the presumption of innocence. This particular alleged incident goes against the preferred media narrative. I have no idea if the powers that be at the University of Michigan knew of the rape allegation or all of the other sexual harassment allegations detailed in the story below. 

I would hate to think that people turned a blind eye to certain facts because they were eager to score a skilled performer or because they didn't want to be the ones to sound the alarm on a couple who were the poster boys for the country's acceptance of gay marriage. One minute you're on top of the world. The next minute, you're being extradited to Texas, which is not a phrase most people ever want to hear.

A jailed University of Michigan professor and his husband, accused of drugging and raping a man in 2010, won’t fight extradition on charges they face in Texas. David Daniels, a 52-year-old opera singer, and William Scott Walters, a 36-year-old conductor and singer, both of Ann Arbor, waived their right to extradition hearings during brief appearances in Washtenaw County Trial Judge Carol Kuhnke’s courtroom Friday, Feb. 1.

Within 14 days, they’re expected to be transported to Houston, where each will face charges of sexual assault. If convicted, they could face prison sentences of up to 20 years. Daniels and Walters, whom Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg married in 2014, were investigated by the Houston Police Department after baritone singer Samuel Schultz came forward with sexual assault allegations in a story published by the New York Daily News on Aug. 22, 2018.

He claimed Daniels and Walters drugged and raped him following a Houston opera performance of “Xerxes," in which Daniels starred, in May 2010. The allegations involve a closing night party held at Daniel’s Houston apartment. Schultz claims he awoke the following afternoon in a strange bed, disoriented, in pain and bleeding from the rectum.

“David and Scott are innocent of any wrongdoing,” said Matt Hennessy, the Houston-based attorney representing the couple. "Sam Schultz is not a victim. He never would have gotten this much attention from his singing,and he knows and resents that fact.

"He waited eight years to complain about adult, consensual sex to ride the #MeToo movement to unearned celebrity. We will fight this.”

The University of Michigan hired Daniels to teach opera classes in 2015 and the Board of Regents voted to grant Daniels tenure in May, less than two months following an anonymous complaint of sexual misconduct filed by a University of Michigan student.

Daniels is also named in a federal lawsuit filed in October by former student Andrew Lipian against the university. Lipian claims he was invited over to Daniels' apartment to watch “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” in March 2017, and was sexually assaulted after being given bourbon and tricked into taking sleep medication. LINK

For years, Michigan State University looked the other way when Larry Nassar molested young girls and young women entrusted to his care. I hope that the University of Michigan didn't do the same thing with David Daniels. We shall see.
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