Saturday, February 9, 2019

Florida Woman Harasses Men

Often when there are news stories about a (usually attractive) female teacher or corporate exec harassing, seducing, or propositioning the teen boys or men that she instructs or supervises, we'll see a sizable proportion of comments apparently from men wondering where the hell these teachers were when the men were young or suggesting that if their female boss or supervisor looked that good she could harass them to her heart's content and then some. I don't think this particular incident will bring out too many comments of that type.

MADEIRA BEACH — In a move that echoes national #metoo headlines, former City Commissioner Nancy Oakley was strongly censured and reprimanded by her former colleagues for violating state ethics rules by groping and licking the face of a former city manager. In issuing the reprimand, the City Commission Wednesday night also accepted Oakley’s resignation submitted to the city the previous day.The incident that led to Oakley’s resignation occurred more than five years ago during a prior term in office. Oakley apparently objected to a growing relationship between Crawford and his assistant, Cheryl McGrady, who are now married.

Oakley, who has admitted she had been drinking, demanded at one point that McGrady leave a public event. Later, Oakley took a swing at McGrady, who had complained that she was sexually harassing Crawford, including licking his face starting at the base of his neck. Crawford did not file a formal complaint until much later, when Oakley ran for office again.

It wasn’t an isolated incident, Crawford told Bay News 9 last month. Oakley had a “habit of licking men that either she was attracted to or thought that she had authority over,” he said. He wrote in a 2017 complaint to the ethics board that Oakley had made unwanted advances toward other city staff, too, and that they were “not interested in enduring that type of treatment ever again.”

Oakley resigned from her position on the Madeira Beach City Commission on Tuesday, a week after the state ethics panel announced Crawford’s complaint had been upheld in a unanimous vote. She has repeatedly denied touching the former city manager inappropriately and has insisted she never licked his face or anyone else’s. But the ethics commission chose to go with the accounts of several bystanders who offered sworn testimony to the contrary and noted three other men testified Oakley had licked their faces in public without their consent

I think that as more women enter positions of power and more men reject the stereotype that they must always be open to sex with anyone at any time, we'll see more such stories.
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