Saturday, November 3, 2018

NYPD Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra Abuses Co-Workers

I wasn't surprised or shocked to read that a female police officer could allegedly be dismissive or sexually abusive to male co-workers. We should all be beyond the fantasy that women are morally superior to men. They aren't. And that's okay. No, the detail that made me raise an eyebrow about this alleged incident was the fact that the NYPD has co-ed locker rooms. That seems like a very bad idea that would almost make such incidents predictable. I don't think that men and women who are not intimate with one another ought to be dressing or undressing in front of each other.  It would seem to be a pretty simple question of appropriateness, privacy and dignity. 

Obviously most people will do their best to be professional even in such ridiculous circumstances. But there will be a few people who won't. So why make it easy for this sort of stuff to take place? I know that many of the very smart very compassionate people get very upset at any hint of difference between men and women. But we are different, no matter how much we try to pretend otherwise. Co-workers who are going to be changing clothes ought to have separate locker rooms. I think that's just common sense. Of course perhaps this female police officer would just be a nasty person whether she was changing clothes in a co-ed locker room or a women's locker room. Presumably, regardless of gender, no one wants to be walking around a place where someone is leaving their dirty drawers on the floor.

A ball-busting female boss at a Brooklyn precinct is under investigation for allegedly stuffing a pair of her panties into a male colleague’s mouth, police sources told The Post on Monday. Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra, the second-in-command at the 72nd Precinct Detectives Squad, flipped out on Detective Victor Falcon when he complained about her leaving her underwear all over the unisex locker room, sources said. “They are f–king clean!” the 38-year-old married mom of two allegedly roared Oct. 7 — as she shoved a pair of her panties into Falcon’s mouth, a source said. A complaint was filed against Guerra with the NYPD’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office three days later.

 “She had an EEO put on her by the precinct detective-unit lieutenant for literally putting her panties in a fellow male detective’s open mouth,” a source said. Other detectives in the stationhouse have “objected to her leaving her panties on the unisex shower knob and outside her locker for all to see. The lockers are unisex, too,” the source added.

Guerra has groused about her male colleagues’ manhoods on Facebook, including on Sept. 11, a police source said. “She has been on social media spouting man-hating rhetoric about fellow sergeants having ‘little d–ks,’ ” the source said. Her raunchy comment was made on a Facebook post of a New York Post story from earlier this month, about an NYPD officer suing the city for shaming her about pumping breast milk on the job. Guerra didn’t immediately return messages seeking comment. Falcon could not be reached.
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