Friday, October 26, 2018

Megyn Kelly Out At NBC?

If you pick up a cobra and caress it there's a good chance that you will be bitten repeatedly. You'll probably die if you can't get anti-venom quickly enough. Either way, regardless of whether you live or die, most people would tell you (or your survivors) that what you did was remarkably stupid. Cobras are venomous. They can kill. It's what they do. Megyn Kelly is a human cobra. She's a skinny venomous racist. It's who she is. It's what she does. You can't hire Megyn Kelly and expect that she's not going to say or do something racist any more than you would lie down with a cobra and expect not to get bit. Although I do not like Megyn Kelly I have to put most of the blame on this controversy on the people at NBC who hired her in the first place. I understand that they were chasing profits hoping to get some of the Trump voting viewers who had made Kelly successful at Fox. But not all money is good money.

And NBC didn't even get the ratings they were expecting to get because a toned down Kelly isn't able or willing to build or keep an audience looking for softer, less aggressive, less confrontational topics and tone. That's not her. Even a sanitized Kelly is far too abrasive for the morning NBC audience. The stench of her inauthenticity radiated for miles. The real Kelly is the woman who thinks that blackface is just fun and f*** you if you can't take a joke. She let the mask drop because she either got tired of wearing it or thought she was back on Fox. Make no mistake, if Kelly made the exact same comments at Fox she would still have a show and job. Heck she might get a pay raise. 

I haven't bothered to look yet but I have little doubt that even now conservatives racists are forming up like Voltron to argue that Kelly is the real victim here and n*****s Black people are just too sensitive, yada, yada, yada.

Megyn Kelly Today has been canceled, according to multiple reports. The 47-year-old journalist's NBC talk show is reportedly over after she was widely criticized on Tuesday for defending using blackface in Halloween costumes.

Despite her tearful on-air apology on Wednesday, a source with knowledge of the situation at NBC tells ET it looks very likely the show will not be continuing, though an official decision has not been made. Kelly's future at NBC is still up in the air, the source adds.
A second source tells ET that the network spent much of Thursday morning reaching out to staff on Kelly’s show and letting them know that they are being reassigned within different divisions of the network, with most of the staff being reassigned within the Today Show. The source says the staff has not been told that the show is canceled yet.
In addition, a third source tells ET, “The staff is definitely in a bad place in that they are being kept in the dark and feel like there is no sense of leadership.”A rep for NBC could not be reached for comment.
People reports that Megyn Kelly Today has indeed been canceled. “They haven’t made an official announcement about the show, but everyone knows what it means when they’re being moved somewhere else," a source tells the outlet. "The show is clearly over.”
While People reports that Kelly hasn't been fired completely from NBC, The Daily Mail and Page Six both report that Kelly will no longer appear on the network. 
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