Saturday, September 8, 2018

Detroit Tigers Announcers Allegedly Fight

I don't follow baseball much. I really haven't since Ernie Harwell died. So I didn't know that two announcers for my local team, the Detroit Tigers, Rod Allen and Mario Impemba, allegedly weren't that friendly with each other, allegedly didn't like each other, and allegedly got into a physical fracas that may or may not have started over the placement or use of a chair in the studio. Allegedly. Their employer, Fox Sports Detroit, isn't saying who started it or who was at fault. So far neither man has been fired. But Fox Sports Detroit did reveal that neither man would be back to announce the Tigers' twenty or so remaining games.

Rod Allen and Mario Impemba will not be on TV for the remainder of the season. The Detroit Tigers broadcasters will not be scheduled for future Tigers telecasts this season, Fox Sports Detroit said in a statement on Friday. Allen and Impemba were involved in a physical altercation immediately after Tuesday's road game against the Chicago White Sox. They were sent home and were not part of the broadcast team in Wednesday's series finale.

"After speaking with all involved parties, FOX Sports Detroit has decided not to schedule Rod Allen and Mario Impemba for any future Tigers telecasts this season," the statement read. "Since this is an internal matter, we will have no further comment." Some media outlets reported that Allen came from behind and put a choke hold on Impemba during Tuesday’s fracas, but Allen’s agent, Tom Shaer, told the Free Press those claims were false.

On Thursday night, Allen posted this on Twitter:"I’ve always conducted myself as an honorable professional and I always will. Because this is a personnel matter. I can’t comment right now."

Who knows what happened? I wasn't there. I think though that all of us above a certain age have worked with people whom we didn't particularly like. Short of self-defense, you have to keep your hands to yourself. Presumably Allen and Impemba are financially comfortable. Each man has multiple sources of income. As far as we know, for now their employer is paying them not to work. So it's not as if either man has to call family or friends for help with groceries or utility bills.

Still, I can't think of many co-workers I wanted to smack or who wanted to hit me. If I disliked a co-worker THAT much I would leave the company or transfer somewhere else. I've done that before. I'm sure some managers would tell you that they were happy to "help" me move. Bottom line is that although I don't think you must love or even like your co-workers, if you dislike them so much you're getting in fights, it's best to find a new position. If one man was the clear aggressor it seems unfair to suspend the other man as well. 
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