Saturday, April 21, 2018

Black Men Arrested At Starbucks Speak Out

You may have heard about the Black men arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks while they were waiting to have a business meeting with a possible partner. Charges were dropped. The white female manager who called the police within two minutes of the men's arrival allegedly did so because the men hadn't purchased anything and had asked (and been denied) a chance to use the bathroom. Supposedly the manager, one Holly Hylton, was known within the company to have an active dislike for black co-workers and customers. There have been other incidents at other Starbucks locations but this is emphatically not solely a Starbucks problem. This is a white racism problem or to be more precise as some of the people behaving in this manner towards Black people are not white, it's an anti-Black racism problem, particularly an anti-Black male attitude. Again, incidents like this are why I am so dismissive of anyone who argues that Black men in toto are oppressive patriarchs. You can say a lot of things about patriarchs but they don't get arrested and perp-walked out of an establishment for the crime of annoying or scaring someone who isn't Black. 

We see again that the mere presence of Black masculinity in a public space badly scares some people and/or angers them. Just as in Fort Worth, or in Rochester Hills, being Black in public causes some non-Blacks to either wet their pants in fear or feel that they must immediately show the n****s who is the boss. What sort of citizen are you if you can literally be arrested because someone thinks that you didn't order coffee fast enough? You're certainly not a first class citizen. The men speak about their experiences below:

As many decent white onlookers and other Starbucks patrons have pointed out in the days since the release of the original video, plenty of white people hang out in Starbucks for hours talking to each other, nursing one coffee, surfing the internet or working on their can't miss screenplay/novel/play/film. Usually no one calls the cops in those situations. This is the essence of racism. Someone treats someone else worse because of the color of their skin and has that treatment backed up by societal force. Given how we've seen so many police escalate confrontations with Black men, the two real estate investors are indeed lucky that they weren't beaten, tased, choked or shot. Two minutes is all it takes for your life to change forever. Hylton is only 31 years old. Her actions disprove the canard that the younger generation will all be less racist than Baby Boomers, Gen-X's and others. Nope. Try again.
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