Saturday, August 12, 2017

EMU Football Poster

Sometimes ideas are better in the concept phase then they are in the execution and delivery phase. It happens. No big deal. You can't necessarily figure out ahead of time how everyone will react and respond to your idea, particularly if you are trying to sell something. Everyone has different initial reactions to ideas and visual displays. If you are a member of the Eastern Michigan Hurons football team posing for a poster touting your upcoming fall schedule you probably want to channel the pride and fury of such former EMU (and NFL) football players such as John Banaszak, Charlie Batch, Vashone Adams, T.J. Lang,  and Darius Jackson among others. You want to impress and excite with your passion and strength. You want to get everyone fired up for the season! You want people to come see you do your thing on the field as you layeth the smackdown on your opponents.

YPSILANTI, MI - Eastern Michigan football released its 2017 schedule poster yesterday. And the internet is dying.The official poster depicts senior quarterback Brogan Roback, senior safety Jason Beck, junior defensive end Jeremiah Harris and junior running back Shaq Vann flexing in their green-and-white uniforms.But many on the internet are seeing something, less-football related happening in the photo. And it's not the poster's sponsor Trinity or the clever mantra 4rEal. LINK
If you have a mind that runs towards occasional prurience you MIGHT think that that the poster looks less like football players demonstrating their passion for the game than it does like football players showing off their excitement in other ways. Since I don't really pay that much attention to EMU football I never would have seen the poster were it not for some people's reaction. I think that some people are seeing more than what is there. They are definitely seeing some things which aren't intended.  I wish EMU well, as I do all local teams who are not playing the University of Michigan. I just think that maybe next year the marketing department might want to ensure that the players keep their hands above their waists in all promotional materials. Or maybe we live in a society that is just too saturated with priapic thinking. I don't say no to that.
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