Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Donald Trump Jr. and Fredo Corleone

You may have heard that Donald Trump's oldest son, Donald Jr. has changed his story multiple times about meeting with a Kremlin linked Russian lawyer to discuss damaging negative information on Hillary Clinton and how best the Trump Campaign could use it. This contradicts both President Trump's statements about possible collusion between his campaign and Russians as well as other definitive statements made by various Trump surrogates. As previously stated though, it is up to the Republican House and Senate whether to impeach and convict President Trump. To say the least that seems extremely unlikely. Even so, it's probably a pretty fair bet that other powerful people within the Trump Administration/Organization aren't too happy with Donald Jr. right about now. With apologies to Francis Ford Coppola perhaps the discussion among the Trump siblings went a little something like this.
Donald Jr. : “I didn’t know the media and DOJ would use this info about my Russia meeting to hurt Dad. I swear to God I didn’t know. Believe me.”
Ivanka: “Just tell us what happened, Donnie.”
Donald Jr. : “I ran into Natalia on a hunting trip in South Africa. She said that Dad was having some trouble with Hillary, that Hillary was being really tough, that Dad might need some help in the general election. She said I could help out Dad and that there might be something in it for me. On my own. And it would be good for the entire family.”
Eric: “And you believed that?”

Donald Jr. : “Something for me Eric!! For me! “
Barron: “We’ve always taken care of you—“

Donald Jr.:”You’ve taken care of me? Excuse me. Do you hear yourself? You just got here, Barron! I have children your age! I’m the oldest. I should be running things, not you or Eric or Ivanka or Jared. Jared’s not even family for Christ’s sake! Even Tiffany gets more respect than me!!”
Ivanka: “That’s the way Dad wanted it, Donnie.” 

Donald Jr. : “Well it ain’t the way I wanted it! Send Don to do this! Send Don to do that! Send Don to be on some Mickey Mouse CNN show while Ivanka gets high level clearance and her own White House office! I was passed over! I’m smart. Not like stupid, like everyone says! I’m smart and I want respect!”
(long pause and meaningful sidelong glances between Eric and Ivanka)

Eric: "Well it’s too bad you feel this way Donald. Is there anything else you can tell us about this Russia thing?"
Donald Jr. : “Joy Reid. She belongs to Hillary. Natalia’s been leaking information about things to her.”

Ivanka: “You’re nothing to us now Donnie. You’re not a brother. You’re not a friend. I don’t want to see you in the hotels, casinos or the White House. I don’t want you around my children or my husband. When you go to see our father I want to know three days ahead of time so I won’t be there.”
Donald Jr. : “ Sister—“

Barron: “ Get out of our sight.”
(after Donald Jr. has left, Eric picks up the phone)
Eric: “Steve Bannon? That thing we talked about. It’s happening. Yes. The Mar-a-lago fishing trip works. Get it done. We don’t want to know details.”
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