Saturday, May 27, 2017

HBO Game of Thrones Season Seven Trailer (3)

HBO has released some more images and the first proper trailer for the shortened Season Seven of Game of Thrones, due to start on July 16th. Things are finally drawing to a close, as this trailer seems to indicate. There are only seven episodes this year.There's a lot happening in this trailer. Despite being banished from the North it looks as if Melisandre will still have a role to play in the overall story. Did Jon get hip to Littlefinger's duplicitous nature? I love "The King in the North" shout. I hope it ends better for Jon Snow than it did for Robb Stark. Considering that most of those people didn't answer Jon and Sansa's call in their time of need I think that the Starks might not want to put too much trust in the Northern lords. I hope that Littlefinger comes to an unpleasant and painful end. There's no one I'm really rooting for anymore but I certainly am rooting against Littlefinger.

Lots of people have been rooting for Daenerys and her girlpower tour but what if she's just another Cersei in training. What if she turns out to be a worse tyrant than her father, the Mad King? She does have a tendency to want to burn people who upset or annoy her. So far most of those people have been bad people. But what if they're not. What will Daenerys do if she discovers that people in Westeros don't care about her claim to the Iron Throne? What is Theon looking at? The Unsullied are fighting against a Lannister army. Is that at Casterly Rock or King's Landing. I think it's Casterly Rock. It looks like Grey Worm is about to get lucky. But how can a man with no "grey worm" get anything? Maybe there's hope for you too, Theon. Arya is heading home. The Mountain (undead version) remains a power. Cersei remains evil and seems to enjoy being that way. I am still feeling some sort of way that the HBO show will detail the ending of the story before the books but such is life. Enjoy.

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