Saturday, February 25, 2017

Things I learned from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones

Twenty things I learned from reading A Song of Ice and Fire

  1. If you discover the evil Queen’s deep dark secret don’t tell her that you know.
  2. If your Dad tells you that the family is leaving and don’t tell anyone, don’t ask the evil Queen to change your Dad’s plans.
  3. Just because someone is beautiful doesn’t mean they are morally good.
  4. If your husband tells you to go home and don’t make any rash moves, don’t nod sagely and then go kidnap the son of the most ruthless man in the nation.
  5. If you made a promise to marry someone, marry her/him.
  6. If you work with someone of questionable loyalty (i.e. he has a flayed man for a sigil and “Team Evil” t-shirts), don’t give him a lot of independence of action.
  7. People don't always want your help and may even dislike you for giving it.
  8. If a man claims to be your wife’s ex and one true love, even though your wife swears on your kids that she friend-zoned that punk decades ago, give some thought to the idea that this dude might carry some resentments towards you.
  9. Sometimes your sister really is crazy.
  10. Appeal to people's self-interest to get them to follow you. Don't assume they will do so because it's the right thing.
  11. Short and/or ugly people have to work harder to get and keep credibility.
  12. If you want your subordinates to follow a critical and complicated plan, explain it to them in detail. Make sure they know exactly what they’re expected to do.
  13. Childhood pain feeds adult resentment.
  14. Just because you’re friends with someone doesn’t mean their family likes you.
  15. Vengeance isn't always worth it.
  16. If you have your enemy down, finish him. Don't talk about finishing him.
  17. If she shoots you in the leg when she could have killed you, it's true love.
  18. Always guard your home.
  19. Always listen to your dog.
  20. Always listen to your Mom.

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