Sunday, May 22, 2016

Houston Road Rage Incident

Did you see the video of the road rage incident that recently occurred down Houston way?
Can't we all get along? Apparently not. Even the most mild mannered pacifist can lose his temper when he is behind the wheel of a two ton machine. While driving, people's tempers can go from zero to I'm going to stomp a mudhole in your a$$ very quickly. No one likes being sworn at, insulted or having things thrown at them. But I imagine even Mother Theresa would start cursing and throwing hands if someone deliberately damaged her car. It's a good thing that apparently neither party had a gun or thought to retrieve it. Because both parties might have accurately claimed they were just standing their ground and let the bullets fly. It looks like the couple in the truck got the worst of this altercation. The driver of the car has supposedly filed a police report. You can I guess try to suss out who bears more responsibility for the escalation. Each group bears some responsibility but the final straw appears to be the kicking of the car by the truck driver. Although I can't say I've never gotten very angry at other people's stupidity on these here US roads, I can say that fortunately things have never reached a physical level. Ultimately it's not that important. People should know when to walk away. Why risk your freedom or worse brawling with morons? This is why we have insurance. When you try to correct things yourself that is when you can get into a lot of trouble. Of course as I write this no one has deliberately rammed my vehicle or kicked and damaged my grille. If that happened would I be so level headed and calm as to not pick up the baseball bat from the backseat and go patiently explain to the driver of the other car why his act of vandalism was a bad idea? Well I like to think so. I also like to think that most people are decent and reasonable once you get to know them. Snicker...

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