Monday, November 9, 2015

University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe Resigns

Today, University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe announced that he would resign.  For those of you not familiar with Tim Wolfe, recently he has been in hot water because students felt he had been complacent in responding to incidents of racism on the campus.
             Students of color at Mizzou, the nick name for the Southeastern Conference (SEC) power house, had determined that enough was enough and they drew the line in the sand in response to Wolfe’s inaction regarding racial incidents at the school.  Some of the recent incidents were: a drunken student shouted the “N” word at members of a black student organization, someone used human feces and drew a swastika on a dorm wall, and people in a pickup shouted racial slurs at the black student government president.   According to the students, Wolfe only gave lip service and did not offer new policies or steps to fix the problem.  This did not quell the students and they wanted him out.

Personally, I am proud to see these young people take civil action and oust the university president.  These kids took serious action to voice their concerns.  Some of them surrounded the president’s vehicle during the homecoming parade and students of color on Missouri’s football team stated that they would not participate in football related activities until Wolfe resigned.  Additionally, one student went on a hunger strike and said he would not eat until Wolfe resigned.   The students’ actions sent a message that black issues matter.  The University of Missouri was forced to listen.  Well done.   See the CNN video report below.
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