Monday, August 3, 2015

Should Russell Wilson Have a Relationship with Future Jr.?

Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson with Girlfriend Ciara's Son

In case you don't know the back story........

Ciara is an entertainer who was previously engaged to a  Rapper/Producer named Future. Future has children with a few different women. During their relationship when reporters would ask Ciara about the parental situation that she would inherit, she would get really upset. Despite all the signs Ciara went on to have a baby with Future and now they are no longer together. They never got married and it appears that they have a really messy and immature non-adult like relationship. There co-parenting doesn't appear to be copacetic. 

Now in comes Ciara's new boyfriend Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. 
Before I jump into my thoughts .......

Here in New York City we have Eyewitness News on Channel 7. Nothing depresses me more than when I accidentally watch the 11 o'clock news. It's like having someone stick a knife directly into your chest, tragedy after tragedy. I'm almost immune to the tragedies and violence that happens in this city on a daily basis, but nothing angers me more than stories involving violence towards children and/or a loss of life. The most egregious of them are the stories that involve a child being harmed by a mothers boyfriend or someone that she prematurely entrusted the safety of the child to. Whenever I accidentally watch the 11 o'clock news I somehow always happen to catch this story. A mother has met a man and is so smitten by him and all the feelings that she has for him, that she forgets about her child and prematurely entrusts the safety of her child to said man. That story pisses me off to no end. A mother has one job and that is to protect her child. Do that and everything else falls into place. So I get very agitated when I see a mother bring her children around a man before she has properly vetted him. 

In no way am I saying that Russell will harm Future Jr. I would hope not. However the truth is we don't know whether he will or not. Ciara doesn't know if he will or not. Just because you've taken a declaration of abstinence and he takes you to the Espy's doesn't mean he's not a crazy psychotic nut jobs who likes to torture kids. We don't know what Russell does when no one is looking. We don't know him. However, let's forget about that for a minute - what about the emotional and mental stability of the child? That hug tells me that this has happened before probably in the privacy of the home and this kid is developing a bond. Now what happens if this relationship ends next week? What happens to little Future and his feelings? 

Also there appears to be a sloppy and very immature play at hand here. I don't know all of the details of Future and Ciara's co-parenting but it appears to not be in the best condition. All the media play that Ciara has happening appears to be deliberate. That's not cool. Don't use your kid to get back at your ex or settle a score. Of course Future is pissed about this photo and the supporting photos that have surfaced. Looks like Ciara needs to focus on repairing the relationship with Future so that they can co-parent properly. and help Future Jr. develop a bond with Future Sr. 

I personally think that Russell should not be hugged up with this kid in front of the cameras this early. It makes me question Ciara's ability to properly make decisions when it comes to the safety and well being of her child. 

Those are just my thoughts. Give us your two cents!

Should Russell have a relationship with Ciara's son?
At what point in a relationship is it safe to introduce children to the person you are dating?

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