Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dear Outraged Social Activists: Outrage Over the Murder of "Cecil the Lion" is Justifiable

Earlier this afternoon I received a text message with the video above. Recently I heard rumblings about Cecil and had seen numerous social media postings where black folks expressed outrage over sympathy for "Cecil." I wasn't really sure who "Cecil" was or why he died. Upon seeing comparisons to Sandra Bland and other recently murdered African-Americans at the hands of police officers, I knew I had to move away from the Drake vs. Meek Mill debacle (no judgement please it was good entertainment to clear my mind of all the injustices that plagued our communities) and find out what happened here. After watching this Jimmy Kimmel video and having a full understanding of this story, I am thoroughly disgusted by the actions of Walter Palmer and equally disgusted with the so called social activists who've attempted to discredit anyone whose spoken up about this incident but didn't for Sandra Bland.

First let me address my thoughts on the unnecessary killing of "Cecil the Lion" and all the animals that die in wild life at the hands of overzealous sick fuck humans.

There is a special place in hell for those people!

I am just as angry about "Cecil the Lion" being murdered as I am about the murder of Sandra Bland, Samuel DeBose, or Walter Scott. I respect life in all forms. "Cecil the Lion" was minding his business in his habitat and should not have been killed. I question the ethics and standards of the nation of Zimbabwe, as the ethics and standards of The United States should be called into question for our ability to stand by as innocent civilians are killed for no reason other than the color of their skin, by the people entrusted to protect and serve them.

For the folks that are "outraged" about the attention that the death of "Cecil the Lion" has received or the folks who are running around claiming that Jimmy Kimmel or others wouldn't care if "Cecil the Lion" was a black man -- I question your intentions and integrity. You sound and look just as ignorant as the folks running around with #AllLivesMatter to counter the #BlackLivesMatter.


Jimmy Kimmel has the right to be upset about Cecil's death. I actually applaud his speaking out at this time, especially with the turmoil facing African-Americans recently. This puts murder in a different light. Quite frankly thoroughly evaluating the actions of Walter Palmer is a great way to help people understand the senselessness and injustice of African-Americans murdered by police officers. Police officers are Walter Palmer's with a badge.

Unfortunately there is a fraction of people in this country who cannot understand why we are so angry about the death of Sandra Bland. These people need to be educated. Maybe the senseless death of "Cecil the Lion" will help them understand the importance of having value for human life regardless of skin color or species.

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