Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Should this Baltimore Mother be Declared a Hero?

If you haven't seen this video, please watch.......

Our nation is dying right now. Literally. I wish I could say that we've reached an all-time low and that things are the worst they've ever been, but that would be an inaccurate statement. However, I know that things are really, really, really bad right now. I'm actually scared because I can't think of a single solution that would change things. Even worse, I'm starting to no longer have a reaction to these cases. It's like I've become immune to African-Americans dying at the hands of the very people whom they entrust, to protect and serve them. That shouldn't be the case. 

Freddie Gray was 25-years old and unarmed. I really don't care if he had a criminal record or threw a dart at a police officer. The life of a police officer is not absolute. As a nation we've been tricked into thinking that the lives of people whom serve are country and communities are to be preserved by any means necessary. Get upset with that statement if you want. I won't go into a long soap box moment about police officers and their lack of understanding on what their position really means. However, I would you to think about this -- we consistently hear officers "claim" that their life was in danger or that the person they stopped was armed or that the person attempted to use force that would lead to violence against them. Yet, we have this mother in a video using force and violence against her own child, and we are applauding her. Yes, I understand what she was feeling and what she was doing. I actually agree with her actions. However, I cannot agree with the hero declaration that people want to hand to her. 

On any other day this woman would have been declared an animal or potentially face serious consequences for her actions. Again, I understand why she did it. 

Let's not forget how we got here. Yes, these are kids and their violence is in no way helping the situation or delivering justice to Freddie Gray and his family. These riots will have serious ramifications for the communities of Baltimore for years to come, and that's very unfortunate. If you ask me, all we have is a community of victims.

Here are Toya Graham's thoughts.....

Are there any real hero's in Baltimore right now? Should this mother be declared a hero?

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