Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Finally Arrives!

"This is no thaw. This is spring. What are we to do? Your winter has been destroyed I tell you!"-The Dwarf in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Although fall is my favorite season by a huge margin I also enjoy spring, at least the early part of spring. It's good to live in a country or an area which has four well defined seasons. I like that. And I like spring. From a purely prosaic standpoint spring usually means a (not large enough) pay raise/bonus and the ability to turn off the gas heat in my house. Both of those things mean more money in my pocket which is a good thing. Obviously there's a lot more that's good about spring that has nothing to do with greenbacks. Another great feature of spring is that the ice, snow and cold of winter has departed or is about to depart. Walking through the cool streets early in the morning all you hear is the sound of water from the melted snow rushing through the sewer system. Your vehicle is no longer encrusted with all the salt, muck and mud of the Midwest winter. You can venture outside without having to wrap yourself up in layers of clothing. You can stay outside without wondering if you're putting yourself at risk of frostbite or fever. Many birds have come back; those who never left are more vocal. Spring is that sweet spot where it's cool enough so that no one is running around reeking of sweat and funk but warm enough so that you can enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin. Sunshine is the best way to ensure that you're getting your vitamin D, after all. And that is very important for your health. There's something to be said for clean air and sunshine.
The insects have not yet reached the numbers that they will later in the summer.  You don't have to cut the grass every three to five days like you do in the summer. You can spend your weekends or evenings planting shrubs or bulbs. With any luck the flora that you plant will survive the summer heat and even the eventual fall and winter to come. And if you're still above ground a year from now you can sit on your stoop and watch that plant be reborn next spring. There's something satisfying about that. Kids are running around laughing and jumping in puddles. It's time to air your home out and give it a nice cleaning. You made it past another winter. If you look around you'll see trees starting to bud and plants pushing their way up through the topsoil. 
If you happen to be a person who is concerned with your health or perhaps someone who is just vain (and most of us fall into at least one of those two categories) spring could be the perfect time to take up that new running, walking or jogging program that you've been thinking about. Drop that winter weight. Get outside and enjoy life. The days are longer. The primary emotion that I experience during spring is optimism. That is after I deal with the man-made foolishness of daylight savings time. Why we haven't tossed that idea in the dustbin yet is something that confuses me. But leaving that silliness alone there's a lot to look forward to in spring. You have flowers, rain, baseball starting up, sunshine without too much heat and just oodles of good things going on around if you deign to look up from your daily labor and experience all that life has to offer. After all some day you won't have that opportunity. But be sure that while you're out and about frolicking and celebrating another season of renewal and rebirth that you're careful where you walk. Perhaps my area is just disproportionately populated by scofflaws but I have noticed that many of my fellow dog owners seem to feel that it's okay not to pick up after their furry friends during winter. Well that stuff doesn't just break down in a few months. It's still there in all its glory just waiting for an unwary person to step right in it. And spring or not, that will temporarily ruin your day. You may find yourself using invective and vituperation you had forgotten you knew. But that unfortunate possibility aside, I love spring.

I feel that spring is coming on/I feel it all in my bones
A feeling that no one can explain so all I can do is call it spring
Everything about me is fine/I feel so happy all the time
All year long I've been so blue/But now this spring will send me to you
Little Milton-Spring
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