Monday, March 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton Has Lost My Vote!

The Democratic Party better find another candidate to push forward as a strong contender for the 2016 Democratic Primary nomination for President of the United States, because I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. 

When President Obama was sworn-in in 2009 he vowed to have an administration that was transparent and open to the people. The President understood that he would face an intense amount of scrutiny (which he has) at every juncture of his presidency. The first 100 days of his presidency were executed with decisions that were highly strategic but careful. One of those decisions (highly strategic) was nominating then Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (Former US First Lady) to serve as Secretary of State. In 2009 it made sense to give her a seat at the table after the contentious Democratic Primary that the two candidates had just gone through. The nomination was not only a peace offering but an opportunity to give Senator Clinton a real opportunity to prove that she could serve our nation in one of the toughest and most strategic cabinet positions, and show us that she had the knowledge, heart and conviction to serve the country in a higher office. 

In life we have to see the bigger picture in all of the opportunities that we are presented with.   People who don't know how to recognize opportunities or see beyond what's in front of them, make me nervous and very scared. 

Listen, we all knew that President Obama being the first African-American President meant that a high level of bullshit would accompany him. I don't need to list out all the nonsense that this President has endured because we've spent the last six-years talking about it on this very site. For someone who claims to be so connected to African-Americans and their plight and struggles, I would think that Hillary knew and understood the bullshit trail as well. Hell let's take away the President's race, Democratic President's are always a target. Her own husband was impeached for a "you know what." I would expect Hillary to understand the intricacies of the entire show that is the Presidency. The playbook should be second nature to her. 

Additionally, accepting the nomination and going through with the confirmation process to in the end accept the job, I expected her to have a high level of respect for the President and follow his lead - FOLLOW THE FUCKING RULES! 

If the rules say that as an elected official you are supposed to conduct all government matters via a government issued email address that is necessary for public record, then do that. 

However Secretary Clinton didn't respect President Obama. She had zero fucks to give about the image of his administration, his legacy or her own for that matter. Hell she wrote a book about her time in office and bad mouthed the President before his term was up. That should have told us everything. Her attitude, arrogance and ego told her that she could use a personal address to conduct government business, even when she wasn't supposed to. These actions tell me that she wasn't rooting for President Obama to succeed. Yes, I'm reading that deeply into it! Secretary Clinton thinks that she can say and do as she likes with no consequences. 

I completely understand that no one is perfect. People make mistakes and should be allowed to rectify their mistakes. However, Secretary Clinton took her opportunity to rectify this mistake, and took a piss on it. 

After being subpoenaed to turn over all of the emails that belonged to the personal email address, Secretary Clinton decided that she was the ultimate authority and turned over what SHE determined to be State Department related emails and deleted the remaining emails -- even wiping the server clean. Sorry, it was not Secretary Clinton's call to decide what emails should be turned over for public record and what shouldn't be. Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted and should never be allowed (through the power of our vote) to serve in public office ever again. 

Secretary Clinton cannot behave so disgustingly and still think that she is Presidential material. Secretary Clinton is what is wrong with our government. We have too many career politicians who feel entitled and are seriously drunk with power. Secretary Clinton thinks that she is entitled to the Presidency despite her despicable behavior. Her tone and demeanor from the very beginning told me that she didn't care what the rules said or that she was now being held accountable for not following them. We don't need someone with that type of an attitude in the White House running our country.

I probably could have looked past this had she released all of the emails and let the chips fall. Let the people see everything and then ask for forgiveness. However she didn't. So I'm done. Looks like I'm not the only one. Her approval ratings have dropped to 26% favorably. For the first time ever I hope that the Republicans take her to the woodshed on this one, because she cannot get away with this. 

  1. Have your opinions of Hillary Clinton changed since the email scandal?
  2. Should Hillary Clinton still be considered a front runner in the 2016 Democratic Primary?
  3. Who should the Democratic Party put forward as a strong contender for 2016?
  4. What do you think the deleted emails contained? 

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