Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HBO Game of Thrones: Season Five New Trailer

Well, well well. What have we here? It's yet another trailer for the new Game of Thrones Season Five starting April 12. This snippet is a little longer than the previous trailers. It touches upon a few more storylines. There are a few things referenced from the most recently published book. This looks good. I am starting to anticipate this season a little more than I had been. I will be interested to learn what items were cut from the books and what surprises are in store for us all. Unless this was all taken from episode nine (snicker) it appears that there could be more exciting things happening throughout the entire season. Time will tell. Perhaps Daenerys is ready to return to her continent of birth and reclaim the Iron Throne? Are Stannis and Roose Bolton going to have a conflict? How are the Red Viper's relatives and friends going to deal with his death? And the dragons are yet bigger. Will Tyrion end up back at the top of the game or will he continue to be everyone's lovable loser? Will Margaery be able to bend King Tommen to her will and remove him from the influence of Cersei, his capriciously cruel mother? How will the creators keep up the quality and excitement as the story moves into some places that I wasn't crazy about in the books? What is Brienne's purpose now? Where does she go? What does she do? Well it all goes down on April 12.

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