Saturday, January 31, 2015

HBO Game of Thrones: Season Five Trailer

If it's Saturday there must be another Season Five Game of Thrones trailer to share. I mentioned last time that I didn't see myself being quite as interested in upcoming Season Five as I had been in the previous seasons. This is because I don't think the remaining currently published source material was quite as strong as the previously depicted books and because I am going to be working a new schedule at my day job that may interfere a bit with writing Monday reviews/recaps. Snicker. But looking at this latest trailer for the new season I may have to rethink some things. I said before that because of the inexorable pace of the television series, the different requirements of the medium and especially because some characters have already neared or reached the end of their published storylines, that I thought all of us, book readers and show watchers alike, would probably be seeing more surprises this season. Judging by this trailer there might be something to this hypothesis. It could be hit or miss. Sometimes the show writers have scored home runs with the material they've invented ( the frank and blunt conversation between Robert and Cersei about their marriage, Arya and Tywin's interactions) and sometimes they've struck out (the Jaime-Cersei "rape" scene or the endless harping on Pod's hidden bedroom talents). Anyway check this out below the jump. Of course trailers are edited to mislead and excite interest simultaneously. But there's little here which is immediately obvious to a book reader though it's been a minute since I read the books. So this could presage the best season ever or..not. Time will tell. I do know I will be surprised either way. Jaime in Dorne is something different. And is that Grey Worm and Missandei together??

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