Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

When I was younger and still a growing lad, Thanksgiving meant TONS of food and seeing all of my paternal cousins. On Thanksgiving I also always had to listen, willingly or not, to older relatives retelling stories or jokes which I had heard a thousand times before. That could get tiresome after the first nine hundred occurrences, let me tell you. I can't remember the exact point when it happened but one Thanksgiving dinner saw me being solemnly promoted from the children's table to the adult one. Now that was important you know. It was a big freaking deal! I should have gotten a medal or something. Thanksgiving produced the spectacle of dozens of friends of relatives or relatives of friends stopping by my grandfather's house. Sometimes I wondered exactly who, if anyone, in authority had actually invited some of the hungry looking people standing ahead of me in the serving line. Because I know I didn't. And more people meant less food for yours truly. Snicker. This brought back some memories. Now my cousins are spread across the known universe. These days I usually see most of them only at weddings or funerals. And with age I somehow lost the ability to scarf down three heaping helpings of various meats, starches and vegetables while leaving room for multiple desserts. All the same I will still see or talk to a few relatives or loved ones today. I will even have some foods which I normally don't have. And getting older has taught me that every day that you wake up and still have your health is an unambiguously good day, no matter what else may be going on in your life. I would give anything to hear some of my older relatives' interminable stories again. So while winter is coming for us all eventually I hope that today you will have fun. 

Enjoy life. Be joyous and thankful for the gifts that you have and the love that you receive and give in your life, however that may be expressed. If you're far away from family or loved ones, why not get off your Rumpelstiltskin and spend the day volunteering at a shelter or something similar? Or if you are going to be with friends and family today, please enjoy all the tales and humorous anecdotes that you've heard before. It's worth it I think.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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