Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What Does The Ray Rice Tape Tell Us About Domestic Violence?

NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Rice, has been cut from the team now that TMZ has released the full video from inside the elevator which shows Rice strike his then fiance now wife, Janay Palmer, as she approached him during an altercation the couple was having.  In the beginning of the video, the couple appear to be arguing.  When they enter the elevator, the confrontation escalates, Rice steps towards Palmer and Palmer then appears to strike Rice.  At that point we can see Rice step back to the opposite side of the elevator.  Palmer, pursuing Rice, takes a few steps towards him and at that point Rice strikes her in the face, knocking her unconscious.  The video:

Even if Janay Palmer struck Ray Rice first, should he have struck her back?
What role and responsibility does each party have in a situation like this?
Is there a double standard for the genders in domestic violence situations?
Should Rice have lost his job?
Your thoughts?
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