Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tupac Private Phone Conversation Reveals His Plan To Help Black Children

Tupac was one of the greatest emcees of all time, not necessarily because he was the greatest lyricist -- in fact several deceased rappers could quite possibly be considered lyrically superior to Tupac.

What made Tupac such a great hip-hop artist though, was not just his content, but it was his role as a black leader.

I know that sounds like a contradiction, considering some of the late rappers content, but Tupac was a revolutionary. With the blood of the Black Panthers in his veins, he wanted to use hip-hop as a tool to empower his generation and his plans to do this could not be more evident than in this phone conversation.

What stood out most to me in this conversation, besides his plan to organize communities across the country, were his thoughts on the revolutionary movement, vs gang life, which he was surrounded by much of his life. He talked about how as the son of a Black Panther, the revolutionary movement was a first thought to him and the unification of black people through gang life was an after thought, yet he complained that his mindset as a revolutionary would have him thinking that all black people were his friends, contrary to gang life, where you only trusted those who were part of your set. His blind trust for his people was shattered after he was shot outside Quad Studios, leading him to believe that gang affiliations might be more beneficial to his plight.

Listen closely as he talks about who shot him, the release of his upcoming album "All Eyez On me" as well as how he planned to bring hip-hop's biggest talents together to help black children.

Enjoy this never before heard conversation, and gain insight into the late, great, veteran's profound thoughts.

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