Tuesday, June 17, 2014

GENOCIDE: Contaminated Milk Being Sold in Black Communities

"How can diabetes be genetic in blacks when they didn't have it in Africa?"

This was the question posed by a scientist whose research has led her to the theory that contaminated, radioactive milk is being sold in poor and black neighborhoods at local mom and pop stores.

Africa has the lowest rates of diabetes in the world according to the scientist. Why then, is this disease so prevalent in the black community?

Generally, in poor, black neighborhoods small make shift grocery stores are the only means residents have of obtaining groceries for their household -- as the real supermarkets are, in many cases too far to travel for individual's without reliable transportation.

Dr. Loren Moray is a gio-scientist who has lived in 50 countries and worked in two nuclear power plants. Moray is responsible for research showing that milk being produced in dairies near nuclear power plants are being sold in neighborhoods of color, and is the main contributing factor to the epidemic of diabetes and cancer that plague black communities.

Check out this clip of Dr. Moray discussing the genocide of black people in America:

But why would this America want to destroy black American you ask?

Well between police brutality, the systematic incarceration of black men and growing popularity of incarcerating black women, the social engineering which led to the the rise in black on black crime, and the infiltration of drugs into the black community, I'd say this task has been on the white power structure's agenda for quite a while.

I would encourage you to watch Moray's full presentation for more information and context here.

How many of your families have been affected by diabetes and cancer?

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